How much damage motorcycle builder programs have done
How much damage motorcycle builder programs have done

We have had the new DTT channels for a long time with a good offer of American series, in many cases, in which all kinds of motorcycles are built. Extreme custom preparations predominate in all of them. The truth is, I am delighted with this situation, not because these types of motorcycles are my favorites, but rather because of the creative process they show us and the way to find solutions by manufacturing their own parts.

I also have to admit in some cases the result of these extreme customizations is impressive and beautiful. The motorcycle itself will not even be able to drive from here to the corner, but in a museum and as brilliant as it comes out of the workshop where they have created it, it is a marvel, if only to stay contemplating all the details for a long time. But and the damage that all these programs are doing to citizens like you and me who we are emboldened to see how easy it seems make some of these creations and we get to play constructors.

Home repair

And it is that today with a difference of a few hours I have seen these two "creations" more typical of "painpasión moto." I immediately wondered if this was a pure coincidence or is there some other reason why my eyes look so threatened in such a short time. That Scooter shell completely rebuilt With body builder's putty you can have a logical explanation in these times of crisis.

Harley Kymco detail

But the Kymco Venox disguised as Harley Davidson With numerous details throughout its structure, it cannot be more than a consequence of one of these motorcycle builder programs, workshop duels, or even the “Way to go” program. I cannot find another explanation.

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