Benjamín Jiménez and the art of putting motorcycling on paper
Benjamín Jiménez and the art of putting motorcycling on paper

Valentino Rossi has already gone through his graphite

A few days ago I was reviewing the mentions that had come to our Twitter account when suddenly I stop on a profile that catches my attention: "Art Racing". With a name in English but writing to us in perfect Spanish, it links to a link that I couldn't have liked more. This is how I found Benjamin Jimenez, a guy who, like many, was wrong when choosing the career that would define his future by following the path of mechanics instead of that of fine arts.

However, and here he deviates from that "like many", Benjamin has found a point where their two passions meet to give fruit to authentic works of art. Why not take advantage of its qualities with graphite to immortalize motorcycling how much do you love? The idea came when he found out about Ronnie Cramer's work and so, with his newfound inspiration, he started first by drawing some friends, doing small commissions. Ten years have passed and after a back injury that helped him to reconsider, he has oriented his work towards the great characters of motorcycling.

Rubén Xaus and Nicky Hayden

With this, he seeks the always well received recognition of the work. A work that I am sure no one doubts about its quality after seeing the examples that we attach here. Uses the graphite and uses that blurred effect to give that realistic touch to your drawings. Each one, led about two weeks If you can dedicate all the time you would like, a fact that tells us the dedication that must be put into every detail to achieve these results.

Sometimes we get so focused on searching outside our borders that we don't realize the great geniuses that are so close to us. He is just another example of the great work many motorcycling fans do in our country, without a doubt, all a pride. On his Facebook or Twitter page you can contact Benjamin if it seems appropriate or take a look at the rest of his works.

We can only offer our sincere congratulations and encourage Benjamin to keep going. Now, with the greats of world motorcycling in your hand, your work is sure to cross our borders.

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