The rule of the rookies, look what a coincidence, it could disappear from MotoGP in 2013
The rule of the rookies, look what a coincidence, it could disappear from MotoGP in 2013

The rumor has been heard for a long time that in the face of next season it could disappear the MotoGP rookie rule, rumors unleashed with greater insistence before the imminent arrival of Marc Márquez to the premier category (we all know who its sponsor is). Well, this weekend we could see live, from Silverstone, some statements in which Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna, confirmed before the cameras of Telecinco (Long live the publicity!) That the abolition of this rule could be a reality for 2013. It has already been raised and studied and would be at the expense of the final approval by the Grand Prix Commission.

In case there is still some misconception, that everything can be, remember that the rule of the rookies limited the entry of the newcomer pilots to the premier category in the official teams. That is they had to spend a year on a satellite team. This rule came into force in 2008, and was intended to protect these independent teams in some way, although it is true that I have always found it tremendously unfair to the pilot. Yes, I am very good and I can play directly for Madrid or Barcelona, ​​because I have to play for a year in a second-rate team … something like that more or less, although we know that it has many more nuances.

Here none of us suck our finger, and when we hear this news, the name of the pilot who mentioned at the beginning of the article comes to mind clearly, although it is true that the new norm will be the same for everyone and opens opportunities for the most prominent of the so-called minor categories, not only for Marc, who is not to blame for anything my poor thing, only for being very good. And the thing is that Carmelo has no choice but to agree with him when he says that the current panorama of the MotoGP category has little to do with that of a few years ago, and the entry of the CRTs has completely changed the concept, And it might leave the aforementioned rookie rule a bit outdated.

Obviously also, this is not a decision taken lightly, and Ezpeleta also claimed to have held meetings with the different satellite teams to see what they thought about this matter. These teams conveyed their opinions to him, which in some cases focuses on having their mounts well covered, and in others, and this seemed very interesting to me, that those young riders who have been stomping carry their own sponsors, and cannot say to the sponsors of the team who are not interested in their publicity now, knowing on the other hand that it will only be a matter of a year before I will go to an official team.

The fact is that, as I was saying, the Grand Prix Commission will have the last word, although the MSMA, the FIM, Dorna e IRTA They have already put this possibility on the table. We will have to wait for it to be confirmed definitively, and we will see how this affects the 2013 grid. It gives me that Casey Stoner's Honda already has an owner for next year, or not?

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