Piaggio Zip vs. Yamaha T-Max Who will win and by how much?
Piaggio Zip vs. Yamaha T-Max Who will win and by how much?

A priori it might seem that this duel between the Piaggio Zip and the Yamaha T-Max It is not balanced at all, because we are facing two very different Scooters. What happens is that in Malossi they have taken the telemetry of the two leading machines of their championships in Italy, after comparing the data of one and the other it seems that there is not much difference between the two Scooters. But we go by parts, first the opponents and their technical sheets.

In a corner we have Piaggio Zip SP, which with the preparation that it carries gives 145 kg (pilot included) its engine has grown to 70 cc and provides 25 CV with its single-cylinder two-stroke. In the other corner the Yamaha T-Max Open, which weighs 145,272 kg (also with the pilot), its engine cubes 560 cc and the four-stroke twin delivers 55 hp. The fight still seems uneven.

If we take a look at the maximum speeds the balance is still on the side of the Japanese scooter clocked at 160.3 km / h while the Italian does only 137.1 km / h. Something that can be definitive in a large circuit in Varano de Melegari seems not to be of much use, since its 2,350 meters of rope (the short version is 1,640 m) only have a 467 m long straight. The speed of going through the slower curve changes the balance and places it in favor of the Piaggio Zip, which is capable of passing at 57.5 km / h while the Yamaha T-Max passes at 50.2 km / h. And to finish off the play, while the Yamaha has to brake 110 meters from the apex of the curve, the Zip stops 28 38 meters later.

So cornering seems to show that it is much more important than gross power, because the difference between the fastest lap of each motorcycle is only 2.44 seconds. But in favor of whom? You will have to press play and see the two minutes twenty-eight seconds that it lasts.

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