Ashley Fiolek: One more example of improvement and honor in the USA
Ashley Fiolek: One more example of improvement and honor in the USA

There are not few examples of people who, thanks to their love for two wheels is able to overcome the misadventures that have led them to limit their physical abilities and get back at the controls of their beloved motorcycles through adaptations of the controls, instrumentation or countless other quirks in order to roll again.

The truth is that in the off-road world it is not as common as in speed or road motorcycles, but we already saw the case of Doug Henry from the hand of our colleague Carlos. Today I bring you a girl who I have known about her existence for a long time and wanted to share with you. She is Ashley fiolek, and then we are going to know it a little more.

Born October 22 in Dearborn, Michigan, deaf-mute from birth your disability and credentials are Champion of the WMX in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and gold medal in the Woman X-Games of 2009.

Being deaf-mute may not detract from her abilities to do motocross on a closed circuit, but you will have to recognize that knowing when to change gears on a dirt bike that does not have instrumentation should not be easy to learn, or not listen to the other riders when they are going to overtake you, but what overwhelms me most of all is that this young woman with all the effort she has had to make to become winner of the United States Women's Motocross Championship is that after crossing the finish line on the last lap of each and every one of his victories and podiums, he has not been able to hear the applause of the people who have surrendered to his vehemence, nor the voice of Jessica patterson, a five-time winner of the same championship, upon being dethroned in 2008.

In addition to this, she has been the first woman to be part of an official structure, which is a milestone, especially if it is under the protection of Honda red bull, one of the benchmark teams, but I was also struck by the fact that it was one of the last to rely on the potential of borehole engines even though it has already passed to the dark side of modern four-strokes. I leave you a video that is part of the DVD Why from TransworldMX riding his old 125cc.

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