MotoGP Great Britain 2012: Maverick Viñales wins the Silverstone cycling race
MotoGP Great Britain 2012: Maverick Viñales wins the Silverstone cycling race

And I say cyclist because watching the first part of the last race of the MotoGP World Championship on Britain with up to eleven runners Moto3 riding in a group and fighting for victory, it seemed more like a stage of the Tour de France than a motorcycle race.

In the end and after fragmenting the group into several units, Maverick Viñales (Blusens Avintia) took the victory ahead of Luis Salom (RW Racing GP) and until then leader of the provisional general, Sandro Cortese (Red Bull KTM Garlic). The German loses the first place in favor of the Spanish, who closes a triplet of victories and six podiums in the Circuit of Silverstone.

The off traffic light kept a compact group of nine pilots for much of the race. Maverick Viñales, Luis Salom and Efrén Vázquez (JHK Laglisse) seemed the strongest followed by Alexis Masbou (Caretta Technology), Sandro Cortese, his teammate Danny Kent (Red Bull KTM Ajo), Romano Fenati (Team Italia FMI), Louis Rossi (Racing Team Germany) and the Malaysian Zulfahmi Khairuddin (AirAsia-Sic-Ajo).

Luis Salom

With such a large group, the head rhythm was quite slow so Maverick Viñales tried to escape. However, the slips on the four straights played in favor of the pursuers who repeatedly avoided the Spanish escape. The high times also made it easier for the third official KTM rider, Arthur Sissis (Red Bull KTM Ajo) together with the Portuguese Miguel Oliveira (Estrella Galicia 0, 0) unite and form a group of eleven pilots.

However, this group so numerous a couple of laps since both Maverick Viñales What Luis Salom and Sandro Cortesand they were beginning to get a few feet of advantage. Behind were the rest while Miguel Oliveira returned to stay off the hook.

It was clear that the race was going to be contested by these three runners, with a Luis Salom that he was convinced of getting his first win. However, in the last lap, after the two Spaniards reviewed each other several times, Sandro Cortese saw his opportunity and got second. The fight between the German and Luis Salom allowed Maverick Viñales distance himself a few meters, just enough to achieve victory with almost a second of advantage. Luis Salom managed to regain position and enter the second goal with less than a tenth of advantage over Sandro Cortese.

In the group that fought for the fourth place, Alexis Masbou He beat Efrén Vázquez and Danny Kent while Lois Rossi went to the ground on the last lap.

Sandro Cortese

Moto3 provisional general classification: * 1. Maverick Viñales, 105 points * 2. Sandro Cortese, 103 pts. * 3. Luis Salom, 75 pts. * 4. Romano Fenati 61 pts. * 5. Louis Rossi, 45 pts.

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