Mototherapy; or how to make disabled children happy
Mototherapy; or how to make disabled children happy

Fantastic project of the Freestyle rider Vanni Odera with this initiative called Mototherapy which, in addition to being a pioneer, intends to serve as a model and export it to other countries in the world. Of course, there are many humanitarian efforts and all of them commendable but this undoubtedly deserves all our respect since with the effort of a few and a good idea they have been able, as we will see in the video, to make these guys have an unforgettable experience.

The goal here is not to raise funds, or to make a neat and fantastic video, or to take photos and sign autographs with the children. That is far exceeded with Mototherapy. Here the objective is quite another and consists of making these disabled children live a unique experience that will make you smile and fill your eyes with enthusiasm and what if they get it. But we better watch the video they have prepared of the event.

Once a group of disabled boys From an association near his birth town, Liguria, around a jumping ramp with the collaboration of the Pontinvrea carabinieri and some Freestyler's friends, around forty people are ready to enjoy the show. After so many efforts, Without a doubt, the greatest reward for Vanni Odra and all his friends who make this Mototherapy possible is to see the smile of these children and the joy they show when they are invited to take a ride on the motorcycles, feeling its noise, its vibrations, the wind in the face.

Great initiative without a doubt, make those people who do not have many opportunities to enjoy this sport happy for a day.

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