Victory Motorcycles and Playboy team up to create the 2013 catalog
Victory Motorcycles and Playboy team up to create the 2013 catalog

The thinking heads of Victory across the pond they are more active than ever. On this occasion, and after having had the irreverence to leave us one of their banners, they have decided for a good cause. Do a special catalog If you are a brand that manufactures spectacular motorcycles it should not be very difficult, but if also the people of Playboy makes three girls available so that the photos are not bland and it can be very ordably.

With the two main ingredients ready, it only remains to decide which of the three young women is the most appropriate for the cover, and since they have not been able to choose they pass the ball to the fans so that let's vote on which one we think best fits with one of the models in the Victory range visiting the page created for the occasion. The result will be a presumably spectacular cover signed by the girls who are will auction and the funds will go to Operation Gratitude, an association that is responsible for shipping products to make the lives of US soldiers stationed in hostile regions more enjoyable.

Here is a small video of the making off.

To all this, I take advantage and send a message to those responsible for this project. I say that if you take the three girls then do not pretend to leave only one, let all three come out!

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