Five ways to die on a motorcycle
Five ways to die on a motorcycle

Perhaps the title is a bit exaggerated but we have to admit that the five ways to die on a motorcycle gathers the typical situations in which the driver of a motorcycle can end up paying dearly for his daring to drive a vehicle as dangerous as a motorcycle. The problem is that the solution to each one is complicated. We are going to see them carefully from the approach that has been made Basem Wasef, the editor of Motorcycles

The first and foremost is that if you are going to drive or simply get on a motorcycle you have to always wear a helmet. And in addition to wearing it, I would add that it has to be your size, fit and properly adjusted. It seems that for many years this simple has already been assumed in society, but if we take a look at any street in any city in Spain, you will see that it is not like that, far from it when summer and heat arrives. And look at that awareness campaigns have been carried out so that later they come to tell us that it is very hot or that my hairstyle is damaged.

The second situation to avoid at all costs is driving under the influence of alcohol. This should be almost at the same level as the use of a helmet, but like the previous one we find a "tradition" almost impossible to eradicate in our culture that indisputably links parties (of whatever type) with alcohol. Worse still when you hear the famous phrase I drive better after a couple of drinks. Alcohol and driving are incompatible. If you plan to drink, look for alternative transportation systems or simply look for another way to have fun without alcohol.

The statistics of the original article say that 35% of motorcycle accidents include speeding. And to finish it off, half of these accidents do not involve more vehicles. How many times have you been surprised by a curve that you drive too fast? We all control until one day we find that curve that does not accept being drawn at the speed at which we are going.

They say that If you think you already know everything you need to drive, you should rethink it because it never is. Fortunately, in recent times, circuit training courses have proliferated. Almost at the same time that a good part of drivers have left the roads to ride practically exclusively on the circuit. This avoids the risks of the open road and also improves driving techniques.

Finally, the most dangerous situation is one in which no matter how well you do it, another driver (of whatever vehicle) appears and runs you over. We all know the technique of driving as if we were transparent and extending the precautionary measures to the maximum to be seen by others who share the road with us.

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