BOXCAR Speed, the ingenious Brazilian trailer
BOXCAR Speed, the ingenious Brazilian trailer

There are many, and every day more people, who dare to enjoy two wheels away from the roads. They forget the bloody insurance prices, the follies committed by reckless drivers, the increasingly carefree administration that neglects the state its roads etc … All this, added, ends up making you decide to withdraw to the circuits, to those places built from scratch for the enjoyment of those seeking adrenaline in the motor world. They often ask the same question, What trailer do I buy? Because somehow you will have to move your loved one there, that your partner already takes turns with you to drive.

Making an approximate calculation and, pulling from the bottom, the technology that we have in a matter of trailers has been more or less the same since the day the wheel was invented. Today is not going to be an exception, it is not a revolution or a giant step, but it is a detail that will delight many fans. BOXCAR, a company dedicated to the sector, has in its catalog the Speed ​​model, a trailer that is consolidated as the most practical, easy, useful and simple. With it we will not have to watch video-tutorials on how to mount the motorcycle on our trailer or join the gym so as not to play it when you push it. Let's see what makes it different.

As ingenious as it is simple and effective. Our mount travels on a platform that in principle is almost at ground level so that we can effortlessly couple it to the front wheel clamp. Once its "verticality" is assured, we only have to get down and push the large tubular chassis, helping us with the blessed lever effect to raise it on the asphalt. The price, which we know you are eagerly waiting to know, is, instead, about 1800 euros.

Thank you very much, David, for sending us the track a few days ago, the truth is that none of us had seen this type of trailer before. But what about you, do you know trailers of this style? Have you tried it already?

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