BMW R100 Scram; another Fuel Bespoke creation
BMW R100 Scram; another Fuel Bespoke creation

A Scrambler motorcycle It is a type of motorcycle that is used to make what the oldest of the place know as All Terrain. Its base is a street bike that is modified to be able to ride off-road. The main characteristics of these Scrambler motorcycles consist of placing exhaust pipes at the top to facilitate the crossing of streams or muddy roads, replacing the handlebar with a wider one with a crossbar for greater resistance and all-terrain tires. Everything that is not strictly necessary is better disassembled and thus reduces weight on the motorcycle.

Without a doubt the famous phrase of D. Claudio Castiglioni “Motorcycles are objects that make you dream”And his ideas, which have always come to bring excellence and beauty to the world of two-wheelers, are also reflected in the creations of Fuel Bespoke, as stated in this maxim on its website. But let's go to see the latest creation by Karles Vives based on a '82 BMW R100 RT that this time I will not qualify as ugly so as not to hurt susceptibilities, but that it is.

BMW Scram by Fuel

The main idea that Fuel Bespoke was looking for was to get a motorcycle that was comfortable, and fun to ride, with a retro look and without spending a lot of money. For this it has been transformed taking inspiration from Scrambler bikes from the 1950s and 1960s, road bikes that changing few elements could circulate and compete on dirt tracks. Thus in Fuel Bespoke they have created a Scrambler, in addition to being beautiful, affordable.

BMW Scram tires

These are some of the modifications made: Enduro handlebar for Yamaha XT 500, Koni rear shocks, BMW individual seat, new rear fender from Montesa, oversized front brake disc and a new bracket to retard the calipers, new front shock springs, matte black painted rims just like fenders, tank design and paint, turn signals, brake light and mirrors, relocation of the headlight, new Heidenau studded trail type tires …

BMW Scram in Morocco

In short, everything you can ask for from a Scrambler.

Scram Africa Morocco

With this motorcycle they have recently traveled to Morocco in which we already announced you as Scram Africa and they tell us from Fuel Bespoke that it has been fantastic to drive it through all kinds of surfaces, broken roads, sandy tracks, rocky tracks, mountain passes, etc, etc.. a reliable motorcycle capable of taking you anywhere with a smile on its mouth. It is the essence of scrambling!

  • Engine: 979cc
  • Power: 70 HP Engine: 979cc
  • Power: 70 CV
  • Top speed: 180 km / h
  • Maximum speed: 180 km / h
  • Gearbox: 5-speed
  • Fuel capacity: 24 liters
  • Weight: 260 Kg.

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