BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent wins the Doha 8 Hours
BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent wins the Doha 8 Hours

After not long ago, BMW claimed victory in the World Superbike Championship, the team BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent has done the same in the World Endurance Championship. This was his third participation and to date he had achieved all three poles, but he had lacked a bit to get the victory, which finally came in the 8 Hours from Doha, in Qatar.

After starting in fifth position from the grid, the Team Kawasaki Bolliger Switzerland won a magnificent second place while the Honda tt legends He was third, with his star drivers competing in the Tourist Trophy 2012. For the rest of the teams the race was difficult, with many mechanical breakdowns.

8 Hours Doha

With the start of the race, the BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent took the lead. At the controls, Erwan nigon that rolled in a fast lap and little by little it was moving away from the rest. However, all the accumulated advantage disappeared when the safety car appeared on the track due to the oil spill after a mishap.

Erwan Nigon shot hard again when the safety car withdrew and he went in to refuel, handing over the baton to Sébastien Gimbert on lap 39. The Frenchman quickly regained the lost advantage over the Team Kawasaki Bolliger Switzerland, which was second with Horst Saiger, Roman Stamm and Jérôme Tangre, and subsequently Damian Cudlin it would also maintain a magnificent pace that would allow them to clinch victory two laps ahead.

Third was how we commented on the Honda tt legends with Ryuichi Kiyonari, Michael Laverty and Jason O'Halloran, who knew how to safeguard the honor of the team in the absence of the starting drivers. For the rest the thing was hard. The Suzuki Endurance Racing TeamFourth, he had to face two unscheduled stops to solve minor problems, finishing eight laps behind the winners.

8 Hours Doha

For his part, Team Maco Moto and the Yamalube Folch Endurance, both with Yamaha and the Team R2CL (Suzuki), they managed to finish in the points, not without having had problems for much of the race. Those who were not so lucky were the Monster Energy Yamaha YARTs, who dropped out in the middle of the test when they were fighting for the first position. They also stayed outside the Yamaha France GMT 94 Michelin Yamalube, with overheating problems on the Yamaha, according to its pilot David Czech.

The Suzuki Endurance Racing Team is leader of the provisional with 98 points, Team SRC Kawasaki second with 80 points and Honda TT Legends third with 76 points.

On Supersport, first victory and at the home of Qatar Endurance Racing Team with Nasser Al Malki, Anthony West and Nina Prinz, who finished one lap ahead of Suzuki Team Motors Events AMT Assurances with Guillaume Dietrich, Frédéric Moreira and Michael Savary. Third were Penz13 Kraftwerk Herpigny Racing (BMW) with Grégory Fastré, Pedro Vallcaneras and Michal Filla, who take the lead of the provisional overall in Supersport.

As soon as we have the video of the test, we will include it here.

Classification 8 Hours of Doha 2012: * 1. BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent (Erwan Nigon, Sébastien Gimbert, Damian Cudlin), BMW S1000RR: 226 laps * 2. Bolliger Team Switzerland (Horst Saiger, Roman Stamm, Jérôme Tangre), Kawasaki ZX10R: +3 laps * 3. Honda TT Legends (Ryuichi Kiyonari, Michael Laverty, Jason O'Halloran), Honda CB1000RR: +4 laps

Provisional general classification of the World Endurance Championship 2012: * 1. Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, 98 points * 2. Team SRC Kawasaki, 80 points. * 3. Honda TT Legends, 76 pts.

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