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IOMTT 2012: Michael Dunlop, Michael Rutter and Ryan Farquhar finish a TT without Senior
IOMTT 2012: Michael Dunlop, Michael Rutter and Ryan Farquhar finish a TT without Senior

Continual delays due to fog, rain, and ultimately bad weather have ended up making impossible, for the first time in history, the dispute for the queen category of the Tourist Trophy, the Senior. In other words, the big day on which Guy Martin could achieve his first victory, on which Norton wore his name again in the race or on which John McGuinness won his 20th trophy has not arrived and will have to wait until next year. Despite this, we have been able to enjoy the TT-Zero races, the second Supersport race and the recently released Lightweight, which was about to be canceled as well. Michael Rutter, Michael Dunlop and Ryan Farquhar they have been the pilots who have reached the glory in the last three tests.

The truth is the results have not been a big surprise, Ryan has already proved on the North West 200 that he is the fastest of those 650cc inventions and Michael Rutter is the owner and lord of electrics. Mind you, the images are equally impressive. We, knowing that we all drool watching the TT, we bring you the chronicle, the results and the full summaries of this edition. Pure motorcycling for the body.

TT Zero, Michael Rutter makes history by exceeding 100mph on average

The electrical category had one of lime and another of sand. First Antonio Maeso saw his chances fade when one of the motors of the Indian machine, who had run out of battery in training, was consumed by flames forcing the withdrawal of the Almeria. In a category where reliability is so extremely important of the ten drivers who participated in the qualifying sessions, only-two- four were able to finish the race. La Motczysz by Michael Rutter not only did it appear to be the best bike, but it also confirmed it with a landslide victory with an average of 104.056mph.

In the video you can see the summary of the category from minute 30, a pleasant and curious glimpse of what the near future of the two wheels will be. You can see, by the way, also the stains on the asphalt caused by the humidity after the heavy rains, just seeing them from above is scary …

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