He takes advantage of his old Mac computer and makes a couple of suitcases for his motorcycle
He takes advantage of his old Mac computer and makes a couple of suitcases for his motorcycle

DIY, take advantage of things we have at home and devotion to a brand is what you have. This is how the owner of this Moto Guzzi understands that it makes some side cases with a couple of old Apple computers. I guess it must be question of fidelity and passion to the apple brand because if you have been "handyman" enough to adapt those Mac towers to your motorcycle, you could have done the same with other types of boxes or fittings more suitable to be installed on motorcycles.

Of course, I assure you that to make the interiors of these unique suitcases, Manzana It has made it easy for him because of the neat and simple designs of the Cupertino brand. Those of us who have been with Apple for more than 15 years know this well and I remember the excellent external and internal finishes of my old PowerMac G4 Digital Audio. I was lucky enough to restore one of these magnificent computers many years ago and he passed me a curious and funny anecdote.

Mac computer case

That computer it took me a long time to get it perfect buying parts online, especially in the American market. Once I had it complete, I looked for the screen that came with that model, an Apple Cinema Display. I located one in Barcelona and when I showed up there with my restored tower to buy the screen, the owner of the Cinema Display was so impressed with the computer that in the end ended up buying me the PowerMac G4 restored. What things, eh !.

For me it was the best time of Apple although it is true that there was no iPhone and the first iPods were seen. There was no intel and we settled for Motorola processors. It was rare to see a Mac to the point that once I was told, when I saw a PowerBook G4 12 ", if I had put the beautiful luminous apple on the cover. True !. Anyway, this is a blog from motorcycles and I would not put such suitcases on my motorcycle for all the gold in the world, but it has brought back good memories to see those venerable computers on the back of a Moto Guzzi. Thanks to Jesús Guillermo Pozo for giving us the clue that our Applesfera tech brothers published the news.

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