The scam in the sale of second-hand motorcycles; practical case
The scam in the sale of second-hand motorcycles; practical case

For a long time we have made a guide to buying second-hand motorcycles, and without a doubt the great advantage of being able to access thousands of motorcycles put up for sale by both individuals and companies can also have drawbacks. We will have to be careful, since Hidden among these thousands of offers are scam ads hoping to do business with dupes who think they've found a bargain.

And believe me, it is easy to distinguish a scam ad from a real one by following some simple rules that we will explain to you, but always with a maxim that we will have to keep in mind: "nobody gives four pesetas hard". Let's hope that just as we are surprised when someone falls into scams like the one with the stamp, the moment comes when we are also surprised when someone tells us that they have stayed no motorcycle and no money for relying on an ad you saw on the Internet.

Motorcycle for sale

The basic rules that we must follow to detect these scam ads in the first phase of contact, are the following:

The bike they offer is priced very low compared to the market value, it seems to be a unique bargain

Italian Motocar

These are some of the main characteristics that you can find in these scams, although of course there are many variants on the story they tell you, that is why the first rule that you should always keep in mind is that a motorcycle outrageously nice new at a ridiculous price it's just too hard to exist. For example, I am copying you an answer that has arrived in my email this morning from one of the ads that I have hunted. It is a Yamaha T X-Max 250 that they supposedly sell for a price of 800€ In Salamanca.

Sold Motorcycle

On more than one occasion, once the possible advertisement / scam was detected, I have “played the game” with these scammers in order to better document myself and be able to tell the experience. Surely knowing, uncovering and telling his way of acting we will fewer and fewer people fall into the trap. Thus, once the first contact is made and when they notice that you are really interested in the motorcycle, they will get more to the point explaining how the purchase / sale is going to be carried out and even giving the data of the transport company. But always with the following characteristics:

You must advance all the money

As you can see, it is too beautiful to be true, so I recommend you take a look at the "normal" steps that I have to take to buy a motorcycle and remind you that almost all second-hand advertisement pages have options to report with a single click these types of ads. But if you are already caught in one of these scams, it would be better for you to make it known to the cybercrime section of the Civil Guard.

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