Superbikes San Marino 2012: Kenan Sofuoglu is the first to repeat victory this year in Supersport
Superbikes San Marino 2012: Kenan Sofuoglu is the first to repeat victory this year in Supersport

After the impressive first Superbike race, it must be recognized that the one in the Superbike category Supersport It has been a lot calmer. Of course, in the absence of important fights and overtaking, there have been quite a few incidents and a Fabien Foret unhinged by penalties. But first things first, and that is to congratulate the winner of the sixth event that has been held in Misano, which has been none other than Kenan Sofuoglu, thus breaking an excellent streak for which no winner had been repeated this season. Thus, the Turkish driver achieves his second victory and strengthens more in the leadership, especially if we take into account that his main pursuer, Sam Lowes, he finished on the floor when he was third, and although he returned, he did not score.

On the podium, friend Kenan was accompanied by Jules Cluzel, that continues to demonstrate the reason for his category change, and that he has held the Sofuoglu wheel for almost the entire race, losing it precisely in the last and final laps. And in the third position we find a more than pleasant surprise, and that is Alex Baldolini has debuted on the podium of the category, and has also done so with the beautiful Triumph Daytona 675.

Admittedly, the race has been decided rather early, and that we have not seen any big fight. The traffic light went out and Lowes started very well from pole, although this position of privilege would last him a little. A) Yes, at the few corners, Kenan and Jules were already first and second, two positions that have not changed throughout the race, not even among themselves. Behind, Sam lost some position because they came out very motivated and impetuous Stefano cruciani and Massimo Roccoli, two riders who finished out of the race, the first due to a crash and the second due to mechanical problems.

Jules Cluzel

Thus, Kenan followed first and Jules second, they put land in the middle and I could only follow him Fabien Foret, but oh my friend, what a bad day you had. Because Foret has been one of the protagonists of the race, and Although it weighs him, it has been the little that has encouraged us. Turns out, he had eaten the chicane and came back too soon earning any position. Race direction penalizes you with the instantaneous loss of two positions, so it has to be overtaken. But here the boy, after thinking about it a lot, lets Lowes pass but … Baldolini is coming too far, and he can't decide to wait for him and let him pass. Anyway, what Race direction does make up his mind and penalizes him again, this time with a ride through. My poor man did not understand anything, and did not stop making gestures with each passing lap. He finally fulfilled it and finished in eighth place, which is not too bad.

For a moment we thought that the best was yet to come, and that Cluzel and Sofuoglu would fight in the last laps, but none of that has happened, rather the opposite, Kenan put some unbridgeable meters in between for the French rider. Thus, Sofuoglu entered first, followed by Jules and the surprising Baldolini, who had an excellent race. Fourth has been Roberto Tamburini and fifth Broc Parkes, while sixth has been Sheridan Morais and seventh a great Jed metcher. By the way, also cite the fifteenth position of Gabor talmacsi, which lately we have a little lost track.

As for the general classification, as I said, it takes hold Sofuoglu, who already has 106 points and leads his new pursuer, Jules Cluzel, by 22 points. Now Lowes is placed at 30 and Foret at 43, so the horizon seems to be clearing for the Turkish driver, who is looking for his third crown in the category. Honestly, today the one I see more regular to complicate things a bit is Cluzel, who has obviously already acclimatized perfectly to the category.

We will no longer have a new Supersport appointment until arrival next July 1 to our Motorland Aragón circuit, where we hope there is a little more spectacle than what we have seen today, although that if, the championship is still very open. And now we are going to enjoy the second Superbike race, there are sure to be strong emotions there. See what happens…

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