Politicians and their change in behavior upon coming to power
Politicians and their change in behavior upon coming to power

In these times the promises of a politician are worth the same as nothing or even less. And it is that until the new and flaming president of France, the socialist Francois hollande, who promised that he would be the most honored of those who have passed through the Elysee has been Caught in a resignation within weeks of taking office. Fortunately in France they have something more than democratic culture and almost immediately they have “sung forty” to the President.

It turns out that the President of the French Republic promised to use public transportation for all their trips, breaking a tradition established by their predecessors who even moved two presidential planes to a visit in case the first plane failed not to be stranded at the airport. In this way, the current president has traveled to Brussels by high-speed train and the new ministers use “low cost” flights on their European tours.

But the rush came and Francois Hollande They caught him skipping the speed limits with his official car to attend a commemorative act of the landing on D-day.

The press realized that the official procession was being prepared and decided to follow it in its 2 and a half hour route to Caen. And what was at first a relatively normal procession soon turned into a mad dash through the La Defense tunnel (I think it's the same one in which Laydi Di died). A tunnel in which at the entrance it is indicated that there is radar control and speed is limited to 70 km / h but the entourage passed it to 140 km / h. Already on the open road, where normal citizens can circulate at a maximum speed of 130 km / h that of the president circulated between 140 and 180 km / h.

Upon arrival at the event, the journalists (who had also breached traffic regulations to follow the president) indicated their speeding, which he alleged ignorance. As if driving inside a car at 180 km / h was not noticeable. I think that this type of action affects the French President's campaign to clean up the spending policy “just because” that was being carried out in his country and I hope that his advisers will tell him how to correct these errors. More than anything because even if they spend a little more money, I think it is much safer for French citizens for politicians to travel by plane or helicopter speeding down the road with the risk that this implies for all road users.

Below you can see the BFM TV video in which they show the excesses of this brand new French president.

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