750 PANTAHSTICA by Radical Ducati
750 PANTAHSTICA by Radical Ducati

Lately my ex-Ducati Sport 1000 is going out quite a lot to walk through these pages. Not that I have absolute devotion to those fabulous Ducati bikes. Nor is it that I can't get it out of my head now that I don't have it. No. It's not about that, it's something deeper and more personal that comes to mind when I look at the photo with which I open this article because … Who doesn't like to sit and gaze at their motorcycle?. Those lonely outing days. That curvy road that one has burned into the subconscious, not in the brain.

That cup of coffee, racer, of course! Those slow puffs on the cigar. One no longer smokes and I am not going to make an apology for tobacco but I admit that at that time, never something so harmful like a cigarette, it was so richly savored. And what a delight for the eyes and the senses to look at each welding seam of the exhausts … Too bad modern Ducati don't give me that anymore!. There is only one person right now who can put me back in the situation. His name is Pepo Rosell and he is a Ducati coach. Come in and see for yourself.

Pantah Radical Ducati

And I must admit that the current Ducati from Borgo Panigale's signature catalog are wonderful. Very beautiful, more efficient, less expensive, and more reliable. But is that those of "yesteryear fag" have something that modern ones don't have. Some never replaced others in the depths of Ducatistas hearts, as they well know in the Madrid workshop, Radical Ducati. The creations of Pepo Rosell and Reyes Ramón have already passed through Motorpasión Moto other times, and each time they surprise us more and more.

You just have to close your eyes after seeing the photographs of this "Phantástica" Ducati and imagine yourself in your favorite retreat with just her, with no one to disturb those magical moments. And to enjoy. To recreate yourself with that Ducati Paso engine, with those Brembo Gold Series, with that tie rod under the swingarm, with those fibers, or with that front exhaust on both cylinders. I think I'm getting older …

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