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IOMTT 2012: John McGuinnes continues to make history at the Tourist Trophy
IOMTT 2012: John McGuinnes continues to make history at the Tourist Trophy

John McGuinness achieves his 19th victory

Taking advantage of the fact that the rain has reached the Isle of Man and the programming of the races is delayed, we get fully into the rsummary of the first four races that have been held. Since last Saturday we have seen the tests of Superbikes, Superstock and Supersport1 in the electric category. In them the protagonist, without a doubt, has been John mcguinness, who has put the direct for make the dream of reach the most successful driver of the TT, Joey dunlop.

After John, the luckiest has been Bruce Anstey, clear winner in SSP. These first tests are leaving certain doubts about the performance of pilots like Guy Martin or Ian Hutchinson, even far from the positions that these "young people" are supposed to be, in quotation marks because they are only in comparison to the winners. We also pay special attention to the role of Antonio Maeso which, we anticipate, has entered history by being the first time a KTM completes a test of the TT. So let's go with the chronicles of each race and the full summaries issued by itv4 for the enjoyment of the staff. In fact, we have rarely had the opportunity to enjoy coverage as good as in 2012.

Superbikes, John McGuinness achieves his 18th win

Still far from Joey's -25- 26, Morecambe Missile is dangerously close to Dunlop's figure. We also understand that at 40 years of age he still has a couple more competition at the highest level ahead of him, although it is likely that his goal will be to surpass those 26 trophies and retire as the best driver in the history of the TT. The fact is that in the Superbike race John had rated his TT Legends Honda CBR1000RR as the fastest - pretty enough to say enough - of the category to start in first position without traffic, with nothing to hinder you on your way to the top.

We were able to connect in time to see the previous TT program, the interviews at the foot of the track, famous people etc … among which stood out Mark webber, RedBull Formula 1 driver who did not hesitate to come to see such a show demonstrating, by the way, some knowledge about the TT. Ready to complete the six laps, McGuinness came out, followed by Ryan Farquhar, Guy Martin and Cameron Donald. The number one Honda was quickly lost in front of our eyes while Guy hunted Farquhar on the first lap. Watch out for the take on Guy and Ryan around the 16th minute of the broadcast. Although for image, that of William Dunlop the moment his foot slips off his "landing" After one of the jumps, to stay with your mouth open, go to minute 21.30.

Martin's second place was just a mirage, Cameron donald happened to him before the first pit stop and Bruce ansteyAfter a nice fight with Gary Johnson, he would also pass one of the characters in the paddock on the fifth lap. Behind, the Dunlop and Hillier were close to each other in a fight that was picked up by the cameras to the delight of the staff - minute 27.40 -. Ultimately, McGuinness passed the finish line with a new record and an average of 128.078mph, building up morale for the following categories.

Supersport 1, Bruce Anstey joins the winning veterans

It seems clear that the TT is not for children. With the victory of Bruce anstey In the first Supersport race the average of this year's winners in about 41 years, almost nothing. The New Zealander shared with his compatriot, Cameron Donald, one of the closest races in history from the Isle of Man. Suffice to say that the difference that separated the two after the four laps it was only seven tenths. Bruce has nine victories, ten years after winning the first in 2002.

However it was Michael Dunlop who in the first round led the standings with an advantage ten seconds. In that first round Guy Martin was retiring with mechanical problems on the Suzuki GSX-R600. Michael's lead increased to 22 seconds a lap later, with the victory practically in his pocket, the Briton could do nothing for not abandoning the event at the height of Glen Helen. Without him, the leadership would fall into one of the hands of a trio that fought to the end for his conquest. Bruce, Donald and Gary Johnson fought for victory right to the finish line. Unfortunately Johnson ran out of gas going down the mountain, failing to contribute his bit to the constant changes in qualifying. The Anstey's last lap at an average of 126.634mph ended up tipping the scales in his favor. And it is that Bruce, remember, is a true specialist in giving his best when the checkered flag approaches.

Superstock, one less challenge and one more title for John McGuinness

They did not tire of repeating it on television and the truth is that it never ceases to amaze. Despite the 18 victories that Mcguinness had in his power I've never gotten one in the Superstock category before. For one reason or another, the top step of the podium had eluded him. To meet that challenge and, incidentally, follow Dunlop's slipstream, John raced in STK with the Honda of the Padgett's team, taking advantage of the experience that the British Superbikes is giving them when it comes to fine-tuning bikes very similar to those of STK. At the same time, Antonio Maeso He was facing the most important challenge of the TT, finishing a TT race for KTM.

McGuinness had never won at Superstock

Just start Mcguinness put Padgett's in the lead a second behind its most direct rival at the time, a faster-than-expected James Hillier. Behind, Gary Johnson was within a few tenths followed closely by Ryan farquhar, who, by the way, wore a 2010 Kawasaki ZX-10R. While Ryan and John left Hilliear out of the fight - in fact the North Irishman led the test at times -, Guy Martin was third and Bruce Anstey and Cameron Donald were already giving us some of the most shocking shots. Cameron seemed to be suffering from some kind of problem that gave his Honda CBR600RR the dubious gift of always going in "flan" mode. On the other hand, and for a change, Bruce made Guy bitter again by pressuring the Englishman to win the position.

After the respective pit stop Mcguinness improved the pace per lap to the point of reaching 12 seconds ahead of Ryan Farquhar when they made the third turn. Michael Dunlop, with the thorn nailed by the abandonment in Supersport, he came to the top, surpassing Guy Martin and Bruce Anstey first in the classification, even overtaking Farquhar in the last breath, earning the second hole in the drawer. After the Kawa of 2010, Anstey, Martin and Hillier.

Note: We will add the corresponding summary as soon as it is available. In the meantime, if you didn't see it live, you can check the itv4 website to see if you can pretend you live in the UK.

The Tourist Trophy by Antonio Maeso

Taking advantage of the participation of Antonio Maeso and the coverage it is giving you We leave you the videos that his colleagues and he himself have been preparing at the end of each day of the TT, starting with the first Superbike race, continuing with the rest day in which the Sidecars race and continuing with the SSP and STK races.

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