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News Off road Honda 2013
News Off road Honda 2013

Honda has started to show off some of its Off road news for next season. These new bikes will be available at the Honda dealer network during the second half of the year. These novelties include a renewed CRF450R and the new CRF110F, a totally new motorcycle aimed at children between 8 and 11 years old. But we can't forget about the changes made to the CRF250R either.

But let's move on to talking about each of these three CRFs that Honda shows us with a few small brushstrokes for 2013. Without a doubt, the experience of the HRC team in the All-Japan Motocross Championship has helped in the renewal of any of these models As in others, a completely new motorcycle has been created as is the case with the CRF110F although starting from the base of the old CRF70F.

Renewed CRF450R 2013

CRF450R 2013

The CRF450R uses the all-new sixth-generation aluminum double-beam chassis. This sixth generation sounds like once again the well-known aluminum chassis has been given one more turn of the screw to achieve the centralization of masses around it. What's more, geometries have been revised to increase traction, front and rear, and improve turning ability. Once again, the use of a KYB front fork is once again relied upon, in this case with air damping, which offers significant weight savings with improved performance. Also a compact KYB rear shock is mounted on the chassis and is powered by the Honda Pro-Link system on an all-new aluminum swingarm. With respect to the CRF450R engine, a 449cc single cylinder with PGM-FI gasoline injectionhas been tuned to significantly increase torque from low to mid-range, without losing maximum power at high revs. Durability and reliability have also been improved and the lighter clutch has been redesigned to make it easier to use. The short double silencer contributes to mass centralization, with improved mid / low power delivery and a narrower side profile.

CRF250R 2013

CRF250R 2013

As for the CRF250R, the engine's response at low and mid-range has been boosted thanks to the recalibration of the gasoline injection, while the rear shock absorber has been revised with new internal components and damping ratios. The front fork has a new, stiffer spring and the consequent increased damping to compensate. Taking advantage of the improved performance of the suspension, are incorporated new Dunlop tires that offer better traction. The rear also saves weight.

The little CRF110F grows

CRF110 2013

They say that this type of motorcycle is designed to advance in the domain of machines more focused on MX competition, but I even remember drifting a World Champion with a motorcycle, also from Honda, very similar to the new CRF110F, with a knobby front wheel and a smooth rear wheel. The engine of the CRF110F offers more torque and power than its predecessor. But it also incorporates an electric starter; an all-new steel frame and upgraded suspensions also add to the “big bike” feel and performance.

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