Hello politics, goodbye sport
Hello politics, goodbye sport

Monumental whistle to the podium of the GP of Catalunya

When I found out that Telecinco would be in charge of broadcasting MotoGP for the next few years, my great fear was the pink invasion of the World Championship. Images of David Bisbal in Laguna Seca with a scooter came to my mind, cold sweats accompanied the show. It has not been like that, and I am grateful. What I did not take into account was what it could be the result of having fans as commentators, people who above all will seek the victory of their favorite driver, who will always be Spanish or Valentino Rossi.

It is, what some call, the “footballing” of the MotoGP World Championship. A fear that has become a reality. A fear that has become a shame, an international embarrassment. I hope that the 2012 Catalunya Grand Prix will go down in history as Jorge Lorenzo's big step towards his second MotoGP title. I hope that the lack of respect shown by the fans present there is a mere anecdote that will be forgotten in a few days. Because if, dear shaker, what you did was miss a driver who risked his life in front of you for 25 laps.

The situation is so bizarre that it is hard to believe. The MotoGP World Championship comes to Montmeló, to the Catalan GP to play one of the races that we have the pleasure of enjoying on the Peninsula. National pilots, knowing that they are home, and with the unconditional support of almost 80,000 people, they break their souls to improve, for giving a little more than they would normally give. That was what Jorge Lorenzo did, giving more than 100% of himself to go back to five seconds behind Dani Pedrosa. Your award and recognition? A monumental whistle on the podium. Yes sir.

Why? Andrea Dovizioso and the whole world wondered. We don't know Andrea, we suppose they whistle to the hymnWe suppose they would like to play the one in Mallorca, defending the interests of the winner. But the truth is that he didn't seem to understand what he was seeing and hearing either, as the answer to Dovi was simply a poker face as he shrugged. During the years I've been watching MotoGP races every Sunday never, or at least I don't remember, I had seen such disrespect towards the one who is supposed to feel more clothed. A shame on an international level, an embarrassment, which, to your dismay, will only complicate the life of the Grand Prix compared to other circuits.

Is really surprising the coordination capacity of hundreds of peopleI say hundreds because I refuse to think that there could be more than a thousand rude. All in one. They should sign you for synchronized swimming now that the Olympics arrive. A real shame that you used that "power" in that way, a shame that you have turned a hobby united by the love of motorcycling into a third regional hobby. Let me remind you, today there is at least one person who gets up in the morning occupying most of the hours of the day getting used to a wheelchair, struggling to regain lost mobility. A pilot. A catalan. How nice it would have been if all of you carried their flag.

I thought that we attended the circuits to enjoy the world of motoring, of the competition, of the overcoming and the spectacle. Perhaps he was wrong, perhaps the Ultras Sur and the Boixos Nois have already landed in this sport, perhaps they will no longer see support flags and this ends up becoming a football match with dozens of fans. Will the high-risk GPs also arrive? the fights? The stabs? At the time. By the way, if when you finish reading this you still think that it has something to do with political ideals, it is that either I can't explain myself, or you need to reread the text again.

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