Race Direction agrees with Casey Stoner: this sucks
Race Direction agrees with Casey Stoner: this sucks

MotoGP finds its new “bad boy”

They called Casey Stoner about everything when he announced his retirement. Not for the fact of leaving the championship, but for leaving being sincere, honest and politically incorrect. We thought that the biggest reason for retiring was to take care of your family in peace. However, he has not tired of repeating everywhere that what has ended his hopes in MotoGP has been the direction he has been taking in recent years.

Many were thrown at the neck for speaking like that, again receiving a tide of criticism and insults disqualifying the work of a double world champion who will go down as one of the best in history. Quality is not measured in numbers, Kevin Schwantz knows that well. Personally, despite completely agreeing with Casey's words, the last thing I expected was that Race Direction will end up agreeing with him a few days later. Yes, the attempted sanction on Marc Márquez only confirms what many are trying to hide: this championship sucks.

According to Race Direction Marc Márquez would have infringed, as in Australia last year, Article 1.21.2 of the regulation that talks about the obligation of pilots to drive without endangering others in all areas of the circuit and its possible consequences. That is, in the touch between Pol and Marc, this is the clear culprit, so much so that he deserves a minute of sanction that will leave his locker at zero. The sanction, after a few minutes, has been withdrawn officially by the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM).

Like a playground scene. Somebody by the paddock He decided, flushed and pouting, catch and take the Montmeló circuit homeWell, I don't play anymore! she said trying to hold back the tears. The adults They could not avoid getting into the discussion there and, after telling Marc that he has to learn to share, they gave a couple of lashes to the greatest value of world motorcycling. One minute less, fourth in the World Cup behind Pol! For misbehaving!. Another of the theories of gossip says that the Pope was with the Race Directorate at the time of the decision: "There must be less contact between men."

Take that paragraph with tremendous irony and humor. And it seems that Marc made the list of "bad guys" after Qatar. You know, once inside, You only go out when they have given you what is yours. The reaction of the public, in general, has been of utter frustration seeing how a running action became child's play where the person who, for whatever reason, is favored is punished.

Today we have all, or almost all, agreed that Marc did not deserve a sanction, in being outraged at the decision. But I would not like to end these lines without remembering that We have already seen this on other occasions with a pilot with a similar nameOnly that he was not Spanish and it was tremendously easy to give birth to him. Regardless, I will make a personal effort to take this as an example of fairness and an exercise in unintentional transparency on the part of the championship. Unfortunately, what you see through windows that are more opaque than the asphalt on which you run is a tremendous mountain of garbage, so large that not even the FIM to the rescue can clean it …

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