BMW F800CR by Luca Bar, the F800 Café Racer
BMW F800CR by Luca Bar, the F800 Café Racer

I remember a long time ago, when I had my Ducati Sport 1000 Monoposto, that many people told me that the few accessories that my motorcycle had mounted made it a modern café-racer. I have always been true to the idea of install on my motorcycles what is strictly necessary. A rear fender, some fork bar guards, an open clutch cover, and a couple of exhausts were all I needed. Due to the absence of the mudguard, the protectors save the forks from being stoned and the open cover lets the brake run so that the clutch does not slip excessively.

The issue of leaks in Ducati, although they produce heavenly music, what is sought is that the motorcycle does not go so clogged and avoid mishaps, along with some electronics, of course. The symphony is an add-on. The point is that except for the tails, which were made of steel, the rest of the accessories that I mention were finished in carbon fiber. There were opinions for all tastes and there were those who told me that with the carbon fiber it undermined the café-racer spirit, which here is to put chrome. I don't imagine what this person would say now if they saw this café-racer version on base BMW F800R offered by the Italian designer and graphic artist, Luca Bar. ¿It is a café-racer what Luca proposes us?

Ducati Sport 1000

Well, first of all, a snapshot of my old Ducati Sport 1000, so we can understand each other. Refering to BMW F800CR from Luca Bar, for my taste the acronym CR can look and be very proud as last name. If we get picky, not even a Ducati Sport Classic can be considered a pure café-racer. Among other things because these motorcycles were not bought, they were manufactured by oneself from modifying commercial models. But times have changed and also not everyone has the place or the hands of a goldsmith to mechanize. Among which I include myself, site may have, hands … unfortunately not many.

Therefore, many of us have no choice but to buy what others have made or designed. Apart from that many times, The procession goes inside, as they say. That's why I think this BMW F800 is a full-fledged café-racer, even if it comes from a modern bike. What's more, I think Luca Bar hits the nail on the head in these times of low economic boom. I imagine a fiber kit, not very expensiveTo leave a good motorcycle like a BMW F800, use the surname CR with all of the law. As always, for tastes, the colors. What cannot be denied is the eye of Luca Bar.

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