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MotoGP Catalunya 2012: year one C.P. (With Advertising)
MotoGP Catalunya 2012: year one C.P. (With Advertising)

Do you remember the first part of this article? We published it there at the beginning of April, after Qatar Grand Prix. It was almost an obligation on our part, and today, almost two months later and more importantly, after five races, it is time to re-analyze the publicity we have had during the broadcast of the Catalan Grand Prix.

We have re-observed the data of the four training sessions (FP1, FP2, FP3 and QP) and the race, in all three categories. We have also taken into account other factors that have been added during these four races of difference: time without a window, if the time they announce corresponds with reality … Let's see it in depth.

Friday session:

As we can observe, Friday sessions were not over-publicized. The maximum was almost four and a half minutes in FP1 of MotoGP. But you have to make several notes because if on the previous occasion we complained that the entries and terminations of the advertising blocks lasted too long due to the sponsors, and they did not put a window, now they have solved this but from time to time, they announce some program in the same way.

Thus, in the MotoGP FP1, the first cut had ten seconds at the beginning and ten at the end without a window. It should be remembered that each time the broadcast is cut, the headers last five seconds in which there is no visualization.

Continuing with the above, the FP1 of Moto2 and FP2 of Moto3 They also had two cuts of this type, with those twenty seconds without a window. Finally, the MotoGP FP2, in the first cut it was only ten seconds, omitting the one at the end of the advertisement.

It amazing It was that when there were 36:25 left to finish the training Moto2, they cut the broadcast, giving way to tennis and not recovering it in Telecinco. We simply ran out of it without further ado (Keko Ochoa was left mid-sentence). There was not, or at least I have not seen no explanation by Mediaset.

Converted the above data to percentage, much more visible:

If we compare this data with that of the Qatar Grand Prix, the advertising in these sessions has been drastically reduced.

Advertising Mediaset

Saturday session:

On Saturday we started with a problem: the broadcast of FP3 was announced by Energy but they were broadcast by Telecinco. If they kept the chain in which they broadcast the Moto2 QP, which was Energy. In addition to this setback, some sessions have already suffered the scourge of ads. The maximum was 15 minutes in a duration of 45 minutes.

In addition, in the FP3 of Moto2, the two blocks had long ten-second leads without a window. And finally, in the Moto3 QP it was announced that "it would return in two minutes" but in fact it returned at 02:45. Some of the clock does not work well.

Saturday sessions in percentages:

Moto3 FP1 40 17, 29%
MotoGP FP1 45 31, 48%
Moto2 FP1 45 33, 33%
Moto3 FP2 40 17, 50%
MotoGP FP2 60 14, 72%
Moto2 FP2 45 10, 85%

If we compare with the Qatar race, advertising Saturday at the Catalan Grand Prix has been much older since at that time the ten percent was not exceeded in any case and now it has been exceeded in all, even reaching more than 33% in FP1 of Moto2. Luckily in the rankings they were more restrained.

Sunday races:

We come to Sunday, the races. MotoGP takes two advertising cuts that almost add up to ten minutes. However, the cuts in Moto3 and Moto2 have been brief, never reaching two and a half minutes. It is striking how poorly the clocks work in Mediaset since in Moto3 they announced two cuts of one and thirty seconds that actually lasted 01:10 and 40 seconds respectively.

In Moto2 they also announced a two minute cut (it lasted 02:25 actually) and later a one minute cut which, surprisingly lasted that, one minute.

Advertising Mediaset

In percentages, the MotoGP figure is outrageous:

Moto3 RAC 22 41:50 4, 38%
Moto2 RAC 23 41:16 8, 27%
MotoGP RAC 25 43:07 22, 80%

Again compared to two months ago, advertising in Moto3 has decreased, in Moto2 also although very little and yet in MotoGP It has increased from 16.96% to 22.80%.

Personal assessment of the advertising during the 2012 MotoGP Grand Prix of Catalonia:

Personally advertising during the 2012 MotoGP Grand Prix of Catalunya has given one of lime and one of sand. Very good in the session on Friday, excessive on Saturday morning and correct becoming excessive in rating. In the race, outstanding for Moto3, approved for Moto2 and again suspense in MotoGP, with two very long cuts that deprived us of more than two turns of the full-screen show.

That yes, I have to admit that the blocks are well inserted, that is to say, in moments that theoretically nothing should happen, neither in free practice nor in qualifying. Something can always happen when the window is there (because of Murphy), but it is beyond everyone's control. In the race, any cut can ruin the rhythm of the competition.

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