IOMTT 2012: How to watch it on TV
IOMTT 2012: How to watch it on TV

How to follow the TT on Television

We arrived in time to enjoy itto the first Superbike race. Due to its complexity, Tourist trophy It is not broadcast directly on television, but nevertheless, the British network itv on its fourth channel is dedicated a few hours a day so that we do not miss a single detail. Fortunately, to see itv4 we will not need to get into proxy configurations or complicated stories.

How? Because there is a website that broadcasts in open air and, it must be said, in quite good quality, several of the most important British channels - and many others -. Thus, tonight we have an appointment with our computer to see the first race of the Tourist Trophy 2012 which, as I anticipate, has had John McGuinness as the main protagonist. But we will leave the chronicle of the race for later, when we have enough accumulated material so that nothing escapes. As you will see, the broadcast is completely free but, by default, it selects the HD quality that allows viewing only 30 seconds. It will be enough with choose "Free SD" in quality options to continue enjoying the Isle of Man. You also have it available for iPad and iPhone. So that you do not miss anything, I leave you the scheduled programming on the TT.

  • Saturday June 2

    9.30am: Summary of trainings ®

    10pm: Superbike TT Race

  • Sunday June 3

    9.30am: Superbike TT Race ®

    9pm: The Final Countdown ®

    10pm: Sidecar TT Race 1

  • Monday June 4

    9.30am: Sidecar TT Race 1 ®

    10pm: Supersport TT Race 1

  • Tuesday June 5

    9.30am The Final Countdown ®

    10.30am John McGuinness TT Legend ®

    11.30am: Supersport TT Race 1 ®

    10pm: Superstock TT Race

  • Wednesday June 6

    12.30am: Supersport TT Race 1 ®

    10pm: Supersport TT Race 2

  • Thursday June 7

    12.30am: Supersport TT Race 2 ®

    9pm: TT Record Breakers

    10pm: Sidecar TT Race 2

  • Friday June 8

    11.30am: Sidecar TT Race 2 ®

    10pm: John McGuinness TT Legend

    11pm: Senior TT Race

  • Saturday June 9

    8pm: Senior TT Race ®

  • Monday June 11

    9pm: Event 1 analysis

    10pm: Analysis of event 2

  • Tuesday June 12

    8pm: John McGuinness TT Legend ®

    9pm: Analysis of Show 2

Note: I have already added one more hour to the British timetables

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