MotoGP Catalunya 2012: stories, symbols and flags
MotoGP Catalunya 2012: stories, symbols and flags

Racing Team Ball Cup?

Don't worry, this is not about flags that represent countries, nor am I going to get into other matters again. And it is that, at the beginning and end of the races we could see various gestures of pilots throughout the paddock. Some carried flags, others logos on their helmets or fairings. Various tokens of appreciation, honors, things that make one feel proud of each and every one of the drivers who complete the grids of the three categories. To summarize, we will take as an example three of our most beloved pilots: Tito Rabat, Maverick Viñales and Dani pedrosa.

The three surprised and pleased the fans and friends with their details, in one way or another. Starting with the first of them, Esteve, well, him, and many others. Because all of them they remembered Joan Lascorz, currently at the Guttman Institute striving daily to improve his situation. There are many fans who remember Jumbo and who proudly wear their shield anywhere, beyond the world of competition or two wheels. But what were Dani Pedrosa or Maverick Viñales wearing?

Maverick Viñales GP Catalunya Montmeló 2012

Well, the good of Maverick and the whole team wanted to remember a good friend, Jordi Puerta, pilot of mini-bikes and three times champion of Catalonia, very young pilot who lost his life three months ago. However, the detail of Blusens and Viñales gave him the opportunity, in front of the land where he was born and the fans that followed him most closely, to say goodbye to motorcycling.

Dani, meanwhile, he wanted to remember the people who always support him, of those who are by his side when things are going good, bad or worse, of those who really protect him, of his true friends, of those who are for life. To all of them he wanted to provide a great result at home by carrying a flag that means much more than one can imagine. I have to say that when I saw her I thought that Dani had just caught up with some competition team in a sailing cup, viz. Pleasant surprise that I have taken when I learned the story.

Dani Pedrosa Ball Cup

It turns out that Dani finds in surfing the sensations of freedom, adrenaline and more fun similar to those of carrying a motorcycleWhich explains why "the baby" got on a table yesterday. Okay, now the text: "Racing Team Ball Cup". Those whom Dani wanted to honor gather when the calendar leaves them at the house of one of them near Playa de Aro, on the Catalan coast, where they can enjoy the sun, a cocktail in a balloon glass, the beach and a good barbecue. Over time they have coined the phrase "Shall we make a Ball Cup?" that has come to mean that meeting of friends to have a good time. In short, a wink from a Pedrosa who is getting stronger every day and who, if he gets a couple of victories on track, will end the year having left a few speechless.

But there is more. Perhaps the logo that you see on the flag sounds familiar to you. Indeed, it is that of our friend and colleague Miki Viñola, who had the pleasure of showing off in Montmeló not only with the design of this flag but also with the one that led the pilot Isaac viñales during the Grand Prix on his LS2 helmet. A step forward in your efforts to dedicate yourself to what you like the most. You can follow his work on his blog or through Twitter.

Isaac Viñales GP Catalunya Montmeló 2012

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