No money tour, or how to travel for four dollars
No money tour, or how to travel for four dollars

Two friends quit work, buy some old motorcycles and dedicate themselves to travel through the USA for two years without a fixed destination, without plans and most importantly without money. The result has been 13,000 miles traveled and many shared experiences. What does the picture look like?

So you don't have to worry about getting sponsors, or the need to market until the last little joke that happens to you while you explore the world. You simply travel because you like it and you have the best possible time with the resources available. More than anything because lately it is becoming so fashionable to travel by motorcycle around the world that it is very difficult to find someone who does it in this "authentic" way and does not fill your mailbox with their summaries perfectly prepared to publish with a simple copy and paste. Or make videos insulting the people of the countries you pass through as if you were Genghis Khan.

With this it is not that I am against publish those trips and help those who want to emulate those adventures. What does not seem correct to me is that some have turned this into a business at all costs and the rest of us have to advertise because they are the most handsome in the county. I'm the first to die to travel and right now I can't even go to the corner. But from there to dying to publish their content on the more sites on the network, the better and this becomes a priority ahead of the journey itself, I think there is a long way to go.

You can see the video of the trip of these friends below.

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