MotoGP Catalunya 2012: Maverick Viñales wins an all-out war in Moto3
MotoGP Catalunya 2012: Maverick Viñales wins an all-out war in Moto3

What blessed madness the category of Moto3! Fortunately, in the end the rain did not prevent this great show. And it is that in the fifth race of the year held in the Montmeló circuitWe have witnessed an impressive war. That yes, has been saved from it Maverick Viñales, that has managed to escape just when the hard fight began. Thus, Viñales becomes the first driver to repeat victory in the small category (by displacement, not by show), and cut a few points in the general classification. What better than to win at home …

Behind the good old Maverick there has been everything to gain a place on the other two steps of the podium. No less than eight drivers have ended up fighting for those positions. Finally, Sandro Cortese has managed to save the furniture more than worthily and has taken the second position, followed by a great Miguel Angel Oliveira, that after disengaging from the group, he would pick them up again to achieve this terrific result.

The truth is that the race could not have been more exciting, and since the traffic light went out it was clear that things were going to be complicated. It came out like an exhalation Louis Rossi, followed by a Zulfahmi Khairuddin that appeared and disappeared from the front area as if it were a magician. Behind Cortese, Viñales and a Efren Vazquez who finished on the floor with seven laps to go when he was having undoubtedly the best race of the season. And in those we are seeing the first laps pass when the illustrious Dennis Noyes makes us all scare in the body: Viñales has gone ahead at the start and will have to do a ride through. Already all with the anguish in the body and waiting for confirmation, and after a few moments of bewilderment, it is finally confirmed, but it was Isaac Viñales. What are we going to do if even Dennis seems infected with the Wednesday spirit!

Sandro Cortese

While all this was happening, precisely Maverick was placed at the head of the race and began to try to shoot, although it must be said that the times have been much slower than those seen in training at the weekend. Fortunately for Mack, the hostilities began behind him, with a fight that made things much easier for him, since in just a couple of laps he opened an insurmountable gap for the rest. But of course, he was leaving but the rest stayed in a group where ax blows were the order of the day. Impressive images that we have seen in the braking at the end of the finish line, with up to seven motorcycles in parallel speeding up the braking to see who sneaked ahead. It was not difficult to see a driver enter the eighth finish straight and finish it in second place.

And if I have to stay with a single name as the animator of the race, that has been Alex Marquez, that he was running rampant throughout the Circuit, leaving his father on the brink of a heart attack. Another who has kept us in suspense has been Rossi, or rather Rossi's exhaust pipe, which was completely unhooked and it looked like it could fly off at any moment. In the end, things were clearing up, Efrén fell as I told you, and also Alex Rins, while Roman Fenati he managed to catch the group with two laps to go. So finally, and with an apparent calm, Viñales confirmed his great victory at home, and shows that he is still the man to follow in the category, with the permission of a Cortese who with second place remains the leader and achieves an excellent result. after his hard fall yesterday. Third, as Oliveira also told you, who gets his first World Cup podium.

Alex Marquez

Behind, Rossi and his escape entered fourth place, Alexis Masbou in the fifth and Márquez signed his great performance as a wild card with sixth place. While Hector Faubel He was seventh, Khairuddin eighth, and Fenati ninth. Closing the top have a Luis Salom who has not had his day.

As for the general classification, as I said, it is still led by the German Sandro Cortese with 87 points, followed by Maverick Viñales with 80, cutting him about five dots that are not bad at all. Already much further away, are Luis Salom, Romano Fenati and Louis Rossi. So although obviously there is a long season left and anything can happen, It looks like the fight will focus on Sandro and Maverick.

And this is what has given if a category that convinces me more every day. That is how the day begins in a wonderful way, and we got the first victory thanks to Viñales. We will see now what happens in Moto2 and MotoGP, and hopefully we will see the same show as in Moto3. For now, Maverick shows us the way. Big Mack!

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