Expensive gasoline? So let's throw the motorcycles into the river
Expensive gasoline? So let's throw the motorcycles into the river

To great evils, great remedies, or something like that, the militants of the Tegulu Desam Party must have thought that tired of rising gasoline prices in India have spoken out as you see in the photo. And it is that the last rise in the price of gasoline in India has been of 11, 5% something that the pockets of many citizens cannot bear.

Let us remember that India is one of the largest motor markets in the world, second only to China, and that most brands are fighting that cake tooth and nail. And I imagine that the lords of the oil companies, along with the country's politicians, will also want to take their share of the cake. Of course, the protest is a bit strange, because instead of saving the motorcycle for when better times come, directly they throw it into the river (well in this case it is the Hussain Sagar lake) with a little sign that says that a normal person cannot afford it.

Alberticu already explained to us that there are many bikers who are reducing their departures because of the high price of gasoline and the market sales lists indicate that motorcycles are becoming more utilitarian than fun. What a panorama is being set for the nearest future of those of us who use motor vehicles.

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