IOMTT 2012: John McGuinness is the driver to beat after the last qualifying session
IOMTT 2012: John McGuinness is the driver to beat after the last qualifying session

This start now. The most spectacular, incredible, legendary and dangerous race has started this week. The Tourist trophy The training days ended yesterday and today they started with the first Superbike race. In Motorpasión Moto we will put our effort and dedication to continue the tests trying to offer you all the material at our disposal.

During this week the training sessions of all the categories that will compete this year in the Tourist Trophy have been held on the Isle of Man. After a few days in which the cloudy sky prevented the asphalt from heating up and a river of oil canceled a full session yesterday, the riders were able to take the last opportunity to improve their times in the sessions assigned in the afternoon. John mcguinness It was, as has been a tradition in the TT, the fastest man on the Manés track and, from now on, he will start in first position. In fact the Morecambe Missile broke the 130mph barrier on average on Wednesday.

Guy Martin IOMTT 2012

Behind him we have a selection of riders who would most like many championships. Starting by Ryan farquhar, in second position, and following by Guy martin, third this time. As you will see in the classification, practically all the pilots with a real chance of fighting for victory have classified among the top 20. Of course, we will miss Connor Cummins, who will not participate after having broken two bones in his hand in an accident on the North West 200.

Ian Hutchinson Seagull Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

One of the most spectacular images was left by Ian Hutchinson aboard the Swan Yamaha when a seagull hit his helmet that, incredible as it may seem, came out alive from such a tremendous impact.

Antonio Maeso, by the way, has been placed in position 45 out of a total of 72 participants. His goal in Superbikes is to finish the first TT for KTM and do his best in Superstock, Supersport and Lightweight, although he broke the Kawasaki engine. I leave you the last video that Maeso's companions have brought us showing the secrets of the paddock of the Isle of Man.

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