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Yamaha YZR500 vs Suzuki RG500 seen from the 21st century (part four)
Yamaha YZR500 vs Suzuki RG500 seen from the 21st century (part four)

To finish this look at the reign of the 500 I leave you a couple of videos that make up the summary of the 1979 British GP, contested at the Silverstone circuit. One of the races that is considered the best duel between Kenny Roberts and Barry Sheene. Race that won Roberts by only 30 thousandths to Sheene and World Championship that would end up in the showcases of Kenny Roberts for the second consecutive year on the Yamaha YZR500.

The entire first part is dedicated to the paddock atmosphere of the time and an interview with the riders. We even see Barry Sheene's discussion with the stewards who check his bike before the race and find that the free distance from the brake lever to the fairing is not correct. Something totally unthinkable today.

British Grand Prix 1979 Silverstone (Sheene vs Roberts) Part 1

In the second video we can see the pre-race stress, when Kenny Roberts realizes that an engine seal has burst and has filled the entire bike with oil. Luckily its mechanics are able to repair it in time to start. As a curious note in this race they made a brief appearance of the Honda NR500The highly successful Honda prototype using oval piston technology. Neither Mick Grant nor Tazumi Katayama, the official drivers of the moment, finish in the race. But this is another story.

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