The sponsors in MotoGP 2012
The sponsors in MotoGP 2012

Undoubtedly one of the best world showcases for your brand or company to be seen throughout the world is to be a sponsor of any of the teams that make up the World Speed ​​Championship or to be a sponsor of the MotoGP World Championship itself. We only have to look to see that MotoGP gathers sponsorships from all over the world. In addition, every year the sponsor dance is constant, some leave and new ones enter the scene.

We all know who the big sponsors are and what they do. Thus, brands such as Repsol, Redbull, Monster, Tissot, Dunlop know them and we know just by looking at the silhouette of the logo that we are talking about an energy drink, a watch or even a tire. But there is precisely other smaller and lesser known sponsors or even large companies, which are not well represented in Spain, which we are unaware of and which are very interesting. We will try to see some of them to know what is behind their brand and logo.

Aperol Award

Thus we meet the main corporations that participate in MotoGP and that we all know, such as Bmw with official cars and safety car. But already here we find an official sponsor that many do not know. We are indeed talking about Aperol special Italian drink for aperitif, with 11º of alcohol and an orange color that also accompanies its logo. In addition, it is not only the main sponsor but also two great prizes bear its name: Catalonia and San Marino.

title sponsor motoGP

And there are precisely two sponsors that give name to a Grand Prix and that Dorna calls “Title Sponsor"Becoming the symbol of his own career. As I told you, two of them in Spain are less known to us, namely: TIM the Italian telecommunications group that sponsors the Italian Grand Prix and Eni that in Spain we only know it for its lubricants, in the best of cases, but that in other countries it is a great energy company sponsoring the German MotoGP Grand Prix.

Logo Eni Lubricants

We also have other types of sponsors that play a key role in the preparation of each MotoGP, providing all the necessary goods, equipment and logistics services, which Dorna calls MotoGP Supplier and in which we find as always sponsors known to all, such as Buckler 0, 0 or Alpinestar and others that are not so much like Capcom, a Japanese multinational that is dedicated to creating video games of great success in the world. Or GigaWave Digital HD that takes care of all radio frequency emissions, for example those of the Onboard cameras of motorcycles. We also have Came in charge of automating the entrances of any parking lot, industry or house.

And finally we have the MotoGP service providers Of which we all know security companies such as Prosegur or transport such as Hertz, but we also meet AMG, specialist in the assembly of infrastructures in any event, or SBP, a leader in the broadcasting service for television and even those in charge of helicopters. at each Helisoutheast GP.

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