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British Superbikes 2012: Tommy Hill and Michael Laverty dominate a great weekend at Snetterton 300
British Superbikes 2012: Tommy Hill and Michael Laverty dominate a great weekend at Snetterton 300

Yes time respected the North West 200, how could I not do it with the British Superbikes? Although the last test contested in the wet was a real spectacle, the truth is that when the sun appears the BSB shines in all its splendor. Basically, that is what we have been able to verify this weekend with the races held at the recently renovated Snetterton 300 circuit. A magnificent place for this type of competition that already before the victories of Tommy Hill and Michael Laverty He blew us away with Alastair Seeley's motorcycle engulfed in flames.

Yes, we are a little late this time, but we are rightly so. Because it is over having to watch the races in a terrible streaming, or see only the summaries that eliminate great moments due to lack of space. Starting today, and if nothing changes, We also bring you the complete races of the British Superbikes. And when I say complete, I do not mean only the test itself, but you can see how Eurosport UK turns upside down with its championship, with interviews at the foot of the track, montages etc etc … practically all the retransmission of Jack Burnicle, Jamie Witham and company. Of course, we will continue to tell you what happened, analyzing each movement and also offering summaries for those who do not have so much time - about 50 minutes per race -.

First race, Tommy Hill becomes first to win two races in 2012

Tommy Hill Snetterton 300

Tommy hill became the first driver to win two races this season. Following a completely different path from the rest of the championships, the BSB had six different winners for the six races held this year. A really interesting fact that was used by the television network to promote the event in Snetterton. Tommy also did it by signing an incredible career where brought out the best of himself to be crowned leader on the newest track in the whole of the UK.

And that at the exit they were Michael Laverty and Josh Brookes who took the lead. This duo was followed by the Swan Yamaha of Tommy and Noriyuki Haga, who, it seems, is already getting used to the British national, and Shane Byrne. Michael tried to leave alone but could never separate himself from the limpet that the Australian's Tyco Suzuki had become, who once again displayed his newfound patience to control his impulses. Who he could not control went to Tommy hill, that in the middle of the race he was already starting to launch attacks constant to take the lead of the test. Behind, Haga lagged behind falling into the hands of Alex Lowes. The WFR Honda rider had come back to catch up with them and was dueling with the rider with the most name, experience and resources on the entire grid. The 37-year-old Japanese was fighting for fifth place with a 20-year-old boy who is still seeking stability within the BSB. Them would be the ones in the last laps they would give a greater show to some stands full of fans - about 40,000 people in the natural stands -.

Returning to the defender of the title, we could see samples of his quality as a pilot in actions such as the one you will see inn the Agostini curves when Hill sets a legendary braking to pass both Brookes and Laverty in one move. Unfortunately the one from Surrey goes long, accompanied by Brookes, and Michael regained his position when leaving the long chicanne. A lap later, Hill tried again, winning second place from Josh, thus setting the goal on Laverty's Samsung Honda. Objective that he fulfilled a little later reaching the lead. A fact that deconcentrated Brookes causing him to rush in his movements. ShakeyBy the way, he saw all his hopes fade when the engine of his Kawasaki said enough. A heavy blow to Paul Bird's team, as Stuart Easton had struggled with electronics early in the race.

In the fight for the fourth place starring Haga and Lowes the Japanese could win the pulse of the British thanks to a mistake by the latter when facing the "straight" of the finish line, allowing Nitronori to occupy the inside of the track. TO Alex, so young, he was overcome by frustration and when he saw how Swan's Yamaha R1 passed him unceremoniously he couldn't help throwing his hand out of reflex. Act that, far from being criticized making it an unnecessary controversy was the subject of laughter and jokes in the commenters.

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