Barcelona host for the X Games; the controversy continues
Barcelona host for the X Games; the controversy continues

ESPN, a leading provider of extreme sports content and founder of the X Games, will take this event to Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), Munich (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain) from 2013. These cities will join Aspen (Colorado), Los Angeles (California) and Tignes (France) to host the X Games, in an attempt to expand their global reach. Without a doubt, a luxury to be able to be among the organizing cities.

But of course, being able to count on the X Games in Barcelona for the next three years is not cheap and they tell us that Barcelona City Council will invest two million euros on the occasion of the X Games sporting event. Which has raised many criticisms, and although the return on these two million euros invested will be very high, generating an economic impact in the Catalan capital of between 60 and 75 million euros per year. In addition to a participation of 140,000 people in each edition, with a potential audience of 232 million viewers. Having this money for extreme sports in these times is not politically correct despite its more than remarkable benefit.

X Games Barcelona 2013

It should be clarified that these two million Euros are not an investment as such, but that the Barcelona city council will allocate one million for the concession of sports equipment and another to form part of the organizing committee. All members of the organizing committee pay this amount to cover expenses, including personnel. The X Games too they will contribute to the city improvements and adaptations of the sports facilities.

The event will bring to Barcelona the best extreme sports athletes in the world in the categories of BMX, skateboard, Moto Cross X and rally cars, as well as the ski, snowboard and snowmobile categories in the winter X Games. Each X Games event will have its own character, which will differentiate you from the rest, including the introduction of new sports and cultural elements that will be drawn from the organizing cities themselves.

The fireproof Travis pastrana, which has won 17 medals at the X Games, supports ESPN's decision to expand the X Games globally:

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