BMW R65GS Enduro with 80s flavor by Ritmo Sereno
BMW R65GS Enduro with 80s flavor by Ritmo Sereno

Shiro nakajima, from the Japanese workshop specialized in BMW restorations, Serene Rhythm, is removed from the sleeve an enduro model based on a road BMW R65. As in most of his creations, Nakajima works on motorcycles that will be used on the street. In the end, practical motorcycles, like the ones that each of us can have in the garage.

Although incorrect, but in many occasions used, it would be defined with the term usable. This is not always the case since, at times, these impressive salon bikes are far from being practical for day to day. Come to mind some infumable pseudo custom dragster of American origin designs. Well I could show you an example but better illustrate this article with an image of this beautiful BMW R65GS by Ritmo Sereno.


Regarding "gigs", this BMW R65GS, has quite a few hours under its belt. Going from a road motorcycle to a jacket version has its handicap. Especially in relation to suspensions. Riding a Honda XR600 front fork, a used swingarm from the old GS series and recalculating geometries, you have half the battle won.

The other half of the contest is based on assembling everything and even making artisan pieces like the aluminum fuel tank, the exhausts, various plates and the crankcase protector. Another couple of models from the Ritmo Sereno workshop have passed through Motorpasión Moto. A BMW R100RS and a BMW R80 Café Racer. The catalog that can be enjoyed viewing their website is impressive as well as their shop and workshop in Nishihara, Japan. How it looks, the BMW saga of the 80s continues to give a lot of play and much war.

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