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Yamaha T-MAX 530, test (highway driving and passenger)
Yamaha T-MAX 530, test (highway driving and passenger)

The time comes after a good cornering session in which the Yamaha T-MAX 530 It has been defended in a more than remarkable way, to relax comfortably in the seat and test it in the second environment in which most users will use it: motorways and expressways.

As we increase the speed we notice that the dome in its lowest position it does not fully protect against the wind and to achieve better comfort, we will have to place it on the second anchor. The operation is not immediate but for this we need tools to release the anchors and place it in the new position. Therefore, we must assess where we feel most comfortable and leave it permanently in that location.

Yamaha T-MAX 530

Continuing with the dome, it has an air inlet in the lower part that communicates with some intakes above the control panel so that eliminates uncomfortable overpressure that is generated behind it and that sometimes, in the form of turbulence, makes driving more uncomfortable in other models.

The seat It is quite large, enough to allow us to move a little and modify our posture with the passage of the kilometers. In the platform, we can take the feet as we had commented in a more square placement or stretched forward. In both positions, the Yamaha T-MAX 530 he drives with ease. The lumbar support, although a little low, allows us to keep the kidneys rested if we do enough kilometers in a row.

The high speed stability is excellent. Circulating at speeds of up to 120-130km / h, the T-MAX follows exactly the route that we have indicated and if we increase the speed even more, the inertia generated by the weight begins to be noticed but the front wheel continues to tread forcefully and there are no flane that generate mistrust.

Yamaha T-MAX 530

Let's talk a little about rear-view mirrors since his posture is not the most common. As we mentioned, they are very advanced, more than in any other model, at least visually and also when we are on it. It reminded me of the Japanese vehicles of the 70s and 80s that had the most striking feature of the placement of the mirrors on the front wings.

Your vision for them is pretty good. They vibrate practically nothing, not even at low speed. In addition, being so far ahead, we allows to open the field of view more than usual. Think of the line of sight that is generated between your eyes and the mirror. The more advanced they are, the greater the lateral visibility that we will have and the smaller the blind angle, very comfortable on the highway avoiding having almost to turn the head to check if we had another parallel vehicle.

Yamaha T-MAX 530, a duet too

Yamaha T-MAX 530

We pick up our dear passenger and we do the relevant test run with a little of everything, as in a pharmacy. His first appreciation is that the posture is comfortable but the seat a little short in terms of length. The lumbar support of the pilot subtracts a few centimeters that prevents being able to sit glued forward and backward, nor is it excessively long.

The position of the handles it's correct. They are spacious and far enough from the seat and legs to allow easy insertion of gloved hands. As for the legs, they rest on two folding footpegs that move the pilot's and passenger's feet away, avoiding the uncomfortable touches that occur in other models that share space on the platform. Returning to the seat, it has a slight upward tilt. It comes in handy when the driver decides to accelerate forcefully as it avoids going back too far.

In motion the Yamaha T-MAX 530 it does not undergo an excessive change of geometries (it does not sink excessively from the back) so its agility is not entirely affected. We find the biggest problem when we hit the road, into a curvy area. Ground clearance drops considerably and it is very easy to brush with the easel to either side.

Yamaha T-MAX 530

It's a shame since these frictions generate distrust since you know that there is no more and nothing, you will eat the free play of the folded easel and it will rub against something harder that can make you lose control. However, once you have reached these limits, you are left wanting more because you don't notice that you are putting her in trouble. The brakes, even with the increased weight, are still excellent.

Tomorrow, we will rest a bit and on Friday, we will recap everything we have said about the Yamaha T-MAX 530 and also, we will talk a little about your capacity, consumptions and everything that could have been left in the inkwell. Without forgetting the respective video that we have prepared for the occasion.

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