CEV Buckler 2012: the ambulance that should never have been there and the red flag that never flew
CEV Buckler 2012: the ambulance that should never have been there and the red flag that never flew

During the test Moto3 held yesterday corresponding to the third appointment of Spanish Speed ​​Championship at Motorland Aragon Circuit, something happened that we could classify as bizarre. At the first corner, there was a multiple drop in which three pilots were involved: Marcel Alves, María Herrera and Yui Watanabe. The Japanese was the one that came out the worst stopped since she received a blow from another motorcycle and was lying in the escapement.

At that time, the stewards had more work than they could handle since they had to remove three motorcycles from the track (four if we include Montse Costa's, which also crashed due to another fall in the tail of the peloton) and also attend to Yui Watanabe. We don't know what exactly happened in that minute when someone had to make a decision, but the decision taken was not the best one.

As you can see in the image that heads the article, captured from the video on the Telecinco website, what can be seen is an ambulance parked at the foot of the runway at the escape route. Yes, as you have read: an ambulance entered the circuit to attend to the Japanese pilot, placing itself in the worst possible place. To see it you only have to advance the following video until there are approximately 40:20 left, just as they negotiate the first corner of the second lap.

<iframe src = "http://www.telecinco.es/video/video-embed.html?contentId=TL5VID20120527_0015&showTitle=1&showSummary=1&width=650&height=366"

Race Direction should never have allowed this. It should have been removed immediately Red flag and that the assistants attend to the pilot correctly, without first putting themselves in danger and then without putting the rest of the participants in danger. At times it would have been less dangerous to fall on the Isle of Man TT, for example.

We cannot allow ourselves to get our chest saying that we have the best National Speed ​​Championship in the World and then make mistakes of this caliber, more typical of tests of festivities that of a competition of the highest level.

I hope that appropriate action is taken for the good of all.

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