Impalada 2012: The 50th anniversary of the Montesa Impala
Impalada 2012: The 50th anniversary of the Montesa Impala

Without a doubt the father of the mountain Impala Leopoldo Milá, who began to work as an operator at the Permanyer-Montesa company and ended up as a partner and creator of its models, he would never have imagined that over the years an event of these characteristics would be organized to commemorate one of his designs. In 1961, the Montesa de Espulgas de Llobregat factory was barely a year old and new models were being demanded for the assembly line.

Leopold had a 175 c.c. prototype in mind. a novel design of comfortable, robust and economical two-stroke motorcycle It had a raised tank and a unique guitar-shaped seat. Reliability must be its strong suit and the test bed was none other than Operation Impala. A journey of three months and 20,000 km. down the worst roads and tracks in Africa.

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The Montesa Impala has become a classic that is also one of the few models in the world that has seen more transformations. From the daily use for which it was conceived, it also resulted in a trial bike, a motocross bike and even a speed bike. The commemoration of 50th anniversary of the Montesa Impala he's going to make this year's Impalada something special. With about 179 km of route, it will leave next Saturday June 9 from the Montjuïc Fountains, stopping for breakfast next to the Circuit de Catalunya, and touring the regions of Vallès Oriental and Occidental.

But in this special edition the Impalada will go back to Barcelona, ​​where from six in the afternoon the bikes will be exhibited in Passeig Lluís Companys, to celebrate the Anniversary party next to the Arc de Triomf, with music, exhibitions, a market and children's activities

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