Brett McCormick hopes to be fighting in a couple of months
Brett McCormick hopes to be fighting in a couple of months

One of elbows for the fans

The canadian Brett "The Kid" McCormick He has been at home for a day in the process of recovery, and on the official website of the World Superbike Championship they have published an interview in which the Effenbert Liberty Racing Team rider tells us how you are in your recovery process and when you will be ready to get back on the bike.

Brett McCormick has already started to recover from a broken thumb and although he still wears a neck brace, he trains moderately with the bicycle. He can lead a normal life and the pain in his neck has diminished a lot. The collar will not be removed for two weeks and in about a month it will start running again.

He remembers his accident perfectly in which Carlos Checa was also involved. Suddenly, the Spanish Ducati appeared next to him but he did not notice it until it was too late since the two motorcycles were identical, he could not perceive the sound of the other engine. To avoid touching him, he turned and went off the track but he couldn't help going to the ground.

Surprised how cold Brett McCormick is recalling the moments after the accident, when doctors told him his neck was broken. Logically he was scared but quickly assimilated it thinking that luckily he was alive. Once doctors confirmed that there was no risk of complications or paralysis, there was only room for recovery in his head.

If everything continues as before, Brett McCormick looks forward to being on the track at the earliest end of July although the realistic date would be for August, for the Silverstone or Moscow race at the end of the month. And of course he hopes to pick it up where he left off, within the top ten.

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