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Mecatechno T-8 and T-12, never our little ones were so "plugged in"
Mecatechno T-8 and T-12, never our little ones were so "plugged in"

Literally plugged in because the Spanish factory Mecatechno has developed two electric trials models aimed at children aged between two and ten years. Are the Mecatechno T-8 and Mecatechno T-12.

Ideal both to facilitate a first contact with children and parents, who can acquire a motorcycle with simple maintenance, without revision problems and easily transportable since the total absence of liquids means that it can be carried even inside the trunk.

Mecatecno T-8 and Mecatecno T-12, main characteristics

Mecatechno T-8 and T-12

The smallest model is the Mecatechno T-8 and is aimed at children aged between two and five years old, or up to 20 kilos in weight or 1, 10 meters in height. It mounts cantilever-type brakes and has 12-inch wheels while the Mecatechno T-12 it is something bigger, more powerful and heavier, it resists up to 40 kilos and it has both front and rear disc brakes with 16-inch wheels.

Both models have a parental control potentiometer to regulate speed and power from zero to 25 km / hour. Even the Mecatecno T-8 includes the possibility of installing two rear wheels additional to facilitate the learning of the child.

Mecatechno T-8 and T-12

The autonomy total declared is approximately two hours of use and can be recharged in any outlet. In addition, Mecatecno has brought out a whole line of motorcycle accessories and equipment especially aimed at our young riders.

The recommended retail price for the Mecatecno T-8 is 754 euros while the Mecatecno T-12 costs € 1,025, a price that in my view is not excessive at all.

Mecatechno T-8 (Mecatechno T-12):

  • Motor:
    • Type: Electric
    • Power max. dec.: 0, 68 (1, 01) cv
  • Suspensions:
    • Front: 25 (40) mm of travel
    • Rear: 25 (25) mm of travel
  • Dimensions:

    Dry weight: 24 (28, 7) kg

  • Price: 754 (1.025)

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