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CEV Buckler 2012: Carmelo Morales, Jordi Torres and Luca Amato take victory at MotorLand
CEV Buckler 2012: Carmelo Morales, Jordi Torres and Luca Amato take victory at MotorLand

Great day of racing in the Aragonese circuit of MotorLand, as always when our most interesting CEV Buckler. With a splendid sun (perhaps too much) and a good biker atmosphere that has brought together more than 9,000 people, we have been able to see three entertaining races, although yes, the palm has taken the queen category of this championship (which for some reason is), since In Moto3 we have witnessed a real heart attack fight. The channel's broadcasts still seem impressive to me. Energy, because once again they have not given us an announcement during the development of the tests. Outstanding to them!

But going back to what really concerns us, say that in Stock Extreme has won again Carmelo Morales, this time with more tranquility than in Navarra, at least apparently. Another who has fulfilled his status as a favorite has been Jordi Torres on Moto2, who has also won again and puts land in the middle in the general. And in Moto3What can we say after such a race that has been decided on the same finish line. Finally, the German (although he has an Italian name) has taken a deserved victory Luca Amato. And now we reel off all this …

Stock Extreme: Carmelo Morales continues to show who's boss

Carmelo Morales

At this point few are surprised that Carmelo Morales be the outstanding leader of the (otherwise) spectacular Stock Extreme category. Yesterday the action began before the traffic light went out, since Xavi Forés, who was second on the grid, had problems in his Bmw and had to come out of the pit lane. With this setback they started and they came out like an exhalation Kyle Smith, Adrián Bonastre, Santiago Barragán and a Carmelo who was waiting for the moment. Bonastre quickly took the lead, but equally quickly fell to the ground at the exit of the corkscrew, returned to the track and managed to finish thirteenth in any case. Thus, Smith was losing steam and Barragán took the lead, followed by Carmelito, who did not take his eyes off him. On the other hand, Adrián's Suzuki partner, Xavi of Love, He was consolidating himself on a third step of the podium, which suited him very well.

Thus, on lap number ten of the fifteen scheduled, Morales overtook Barragán and escaped alone to get his second victory this year. Santi finishes second then, and Del Amor did it on the aforementioned third step of the podium. From behind the fight was more intense, but finally Smith finished fourth, Ferran Casas fifth, Enrique Ferrer sixth and Antonio Alarcos he entered seventh, thus being the first private pilot. In the general classification, Morales stands out with 70 points, followed by Kyle Smith with 48 and Santi Barragán with 47. Come on, Carmelo's horizon is beginning to clear.

Stock Extreme CEV Buckler MotorLand race result

    31 CARMELO MORALES GOMEZ (JHK T-Shirt Laglisse)

    51 SANTIAGO BARRAGAN (Kawasaki Palmeto PLR) +3.687

    34 JAVI DEL AMOR (Team Suzuki) +14,255

    11 KYLE SMITH (Wild Wolf BST) +18,581

    57 FERRAN CASAS (Marvels Hotels) +26.304

    69 ENRIQUE FERRER (CNS Motorsport) +27,205

    53 ANTONIO ALARCOS TORRENTE (Alarcos Racing) +27.865

    42 ALBERTO LOPEZ (Motorrad Competition) +35,229

    48 ALBERT SANTAMARIA (Prolimit Racing) +38,188

    55 MARCOS SOLORZA (Kawasaki Palmeto PLR) +42.529

    22 SERGIO ORTEGA (Albaracing Motor Sport) +48.338

    21 JON PURROY (JP Racing) +54,410

    23 ADRIAN BONASTRE (Team Suzuki) +56.401

    73 ANTONIO ALARTE (Basolí Competició) +59.076

    27 ALAN VILCHES (RPM Tecnomoto) +1: 02.037

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