Moveo Brace Extreme, evolution in search of greater comfort
Moveo Brace Extreme, evolution in search of greater comfort

The manufacturer of cervical protectors I move has presented a few days ago its new model called Moveo Brace Extreme, a new evolution in its catalog that completes the range made up of the Moveo Brace Dynamic and the Moveo Brace Carbon.

In this case, the Moveo Brace Extreme look for a greater comfort in daily use and for this, the lateral height has been reduced by approximately nine millimeters, which will surely achieve a increased head mobility. As you all know, I use another model, the Neck Brace on a daily basis, and this is precisely one of its drawbacks when driving on the road as it prevents you from moving your head with absolute freedom, although as I am used to it, I do not notice it excessively either.

Moveo Brace Extreme

Another improvement that has been introduced is the weight reduction, which happens to be 690 grams, making it the lightest of the three. Also to increase comfort, a textile coating on the upper part, instead of the foam finish that they had until now.

Like all Moveo, it is suitable for any size as long as the chest contour is between 80 and 125mm. The adjustment for the different sizes is made by means of an integrated regulator no need to exchange parts, just with an allen key.

The price recommended sale of the Moveo Brace Extreme It is 299 euros and is available in black.

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