Refurbished Scooter in Asia, Business or Scam?
Refurbished Scooter in Asia, Business or Scam?

This globalization has many advantages and also disadvantages. One of those advantages is that you can buy almost anything anywhere in the world. But this can also end up becoming an inconvenience if you are going to find someone with few scruples. In this case, globalization will help us to expose a series of facts to see what you think.

It turns out that an enthusiast who is very interested in getting a restored classic motorcycle discovers, via the Internet, a seller on the other side of the world who offers a motorcycle like the one he is looking for at a very competitive price. So competitive that it remains interesting even after adding the cost of bringing a vehicle from such a remote location.

Our friend, who is a bit trusting, it must be said, he gets in touch with the people behind that interesting website, and after crossing a few emails he decides and makes a transfer for the amount of the motorcycle (postage included). As of that date, the fluidity of communication with those responsible for the business disappears, and our friend is left composed and without a motorcycle. Desperate, he starts a search campaign for these gentlemen, contacting how many places related (even remotely) to these types of motorcycles to see if someone can give him a reference to his seller. And there the hare jumps when through a blog they comment that those gentlemen who have bought their motorcycle have been using photographs of other restorers to pretend that they do a job.

Rat Scooter with Lambretta Base

The matter does not end here, since that company that has left our friend in the lurch is dedicated to bombarding practically all the specialized press in the world with emails, to see if the flute sounds and they do some free publicity. And what if the theme works for them, because so far this week I have seen these offers on at least two different sites no apparent connection between them.

Serving what they explain in Vespamore, the Avalon Scooters gentlemen are a scam. According to that same article On the Avalon Scooters website we can see photos of restored Scooters in VNScooter. Even the folks behind The Scooterist, a Vietnamese classic Scooter blog that I myself follow, endorse the story told by Mr. Sy Manh Tran, the owner of VNScooter. What nobody counts is that our friend from the beginning will surely never see a penny of the money he happily advanced for the purchase of a pair of refurbished Scooters in Vietnam.

The procedure It would be logical first to have asked for references about the sellerEven trying to get someone you trust to come see the material for sale and get an independent opinion on the matter. Because that that nobody sells hard at four pesetas becomes a reality in cases like this. And that on the network you see things like some restored mechanics in that part of the world in which a seeger ring that fixes some brake shoes has been replaced by a simple copper wire. Or photos of a bike that broke the chassis in half on the first pothole. Or, and already speaking in the first person, I have been able to verify the quality of some chrome, which with a Swiss army knife file (cheap imitation) not only makes a dent, but also lifts them as if it were cardboard or electrical cables completely rusted inside perfectly new cases. And a long list of little "scams" that turn into a big scam when we talk about several thousand euros for a complete motorcycle.

So now you know, if you get a message in the mail that offers you a series of Scooters restored in the other part of the world at a blatantly cheap price, the first thing is to distrust, the second is to be informed and the last thing is to "let go of the fly" because a restoration is not something cheap or easy to do. And there are "smart" ones everywhere, but if they live on the other side of the world it is more difficult for the arm of the law to reach them.

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