CEV Buckler 2012: the third appointment arrives at MotorLand Aragón with a lot of fabric to cut
CEV Buckler 2012: the third appointment arrives at MotorLand Aragón with a lot of fabric to cut

This weekend is a new appointment of our wonderful national championship, the CEV Buckler, that reaches MotorLand Aragon so that we can witness what will be the third of this brief schedule of only seven tests. So I don't have to tell you that each race is essential for the championship, and that a good handful of drivers are going to try to win on such a magnificent track. And also be careful, if you go over there You can even go in with your motorcycle and take a couple of laps around the circuit after the races. Wow, a real motorcycle festival.

But let's go where we are, and let's start by remembering which drivers arrive at MotorLand with the lead. Thus, head the table at Stock Extreme the great Carmelo Morales, something that does not surprise us excessively; on Moto2 leads the 2011 champion and top seed, Jordi Torres, Meanwhile in Moto3 still in the lead an amazing Phillip Oettl that surely will want to preserve such a privileged position. But this is only the beginning, because there is a lot to tell in each category …

Kenny noyes

Starting by Stock Extreme, who always opens the CEV days and who finds in Carmelo Morales the pilot on whom all eyes are placed. It is true that he is the great favorite of the category, and after his demonstration at the new Navarra circuit, winning a spectacular race in the last corner, he will surely be one of the protagonists of next Sunday. But let's not forget Xavi Forés, what with his BMW S1000RR is getting great results, not even Kyle David Smith, That he showed in the first Jerez race what he is capable of. Other pilots to pay special attention to are Santi Barragán, Adrián Bonastre or Marcos Solorza, which at the moment is the best private in the category.

On Moto2 we find another proper name that carries the weight of the category, we are talking of course about Jordi Torres, which also showed in Navarra why he is the top seed, getting a victory on the last lap. But of course, things are not that simple, and there is a group that surely wants to sour the season for the good Jordi. Thus, the general is the tightest, and they will surely appear from the front positions Alejandro Mariñelarena, undoubtedly the revelation of the season, Kenny Noyes, crouched in the general waiting to take more than one bite, or others like Kris mclaren or Roman Ramos. By the way, remember that Dani rivas, which won in Jerez, will not participate in Aragon due to the rupture of the talus and fibula which occurred in the fall of Navarra. A pity without a doubt, and we hope that he recovers as soon as possible.

Moto3 at the CEV Buckler

And of Moto3 What to say, because like every year it is a real madness, where the little ones want to take their first steps in a big way, and that is always the most unpredictable. Well it is true that Alex Marquez He put his candidacy for the title on the table in Navarra, but from the beginning he has three ahead in the general, although eight points behind the leadership. Come on, we can also count on the leader Phillip Oettl, with John mcphee (watch out for this kid), with Francesco Bagnaia, with Alejandro Medina, with the surprising Marcos Ramirez… and so I could go on until I get tired. By the way, we are still waiting for the achievement of a podium by our favorite girls, Ana Carrasco and Maria Herrera. Let's see if they manage to sneak in the lead here.

In short, that we can prepare to attend three races that will surely be the most exciting and that will leave the odd surprise and a lot of quality motorcycling. It is clear that the ideal is to experience them in MotorLand Aragón live and direct, but for those who catch us a little far away, as is my case, we have the consolation that we can also see them live through the channel Energy and of Mitele.es, that things as they are, we have to be thankful for it. These are the race schedules:

  • Stock Extreme: 11.00
  • Moto2: 12.00
  • Moto3: 13.00

Well, all is said, and remember again that our CEV Buckler is only composed of seven tests, so each of them must be enjoyed to the fullest. Let's see what happens in the three races that will take place on Sunday at MotorLand, since at the moment we can only speculate. On Sunday he will be in charge of putting each one where it belongs. Good luck to everyone and enjoy!

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