The Austrians take the podium of the MX3 World Championship in Arco di Trento
The Austrians take the podium of the MX3 World Championship in Arco di Trento

Another day of intense rain the one lived in the fourth appointment of the MX3 World Championship held in the Italian town of Arco di Trento. And this year, in which the small world championship seems more open than ever, it is striking that the podium is usually filled with pilots with the same nationality.

In this case, the winner of the test was the Austrian from KTM and leader of the provisional general Matthias walkner, who was accompanied on the podium by his compatriots Michael staufer, also with an orange motorcycle and Günter Schmidinger, in this case on a Honda. But let's see what happened in the two sleeves.

Michael staufer

When lowering the barrier at the first sleeve, four riders shot out to grab the holeshot, two Italians and two Austrians. But since only one can be the fastest, this recognition would take him Günter Schmidinger that from that moment on, he would take the lead in the event while Michael Staufer was on his heels.

After a few laps, the Honda driver could not cope with the pressure exerted by his compatriot and had to give up first place. At that moment, Michael staufer He put meters in between and headed straight for the victory. The third Austrian, Matthias walkner, stayed very close and took advantage of an error of Günter Schmidinger on the last lap to overtake him and take second place.

It should be noted the huge comeback made by the Slovak Klemen gercar, who, after a terrible start, passed the finish line on the first lap in nineteenth position. Even so, he managed to advance positions like a wild boar and finish the heat in fourth position.

The three Spaniards in the MX3 World Championship finished well behind. Joan Cros eighteenth, Ramon Brucart twenty-fourth and Txomin Arana he had to drop out with about five laps remaining.

Günter Schmidinger

In the second sleeve It was even tougher than the first one due to the track conditions after the rain that continued to fall. Again with the barrier on the ground, it was in this case Matthias walkner who took the holeshot and would not abandon the first position until the checkered flag, taking victory both in the second heat and in the race and keeping the red plate that identifies him as the provisional general leader.

Günter Schimidinger He did not want to make the mistakes of the first in this second round, so he kept very focused from start to finish, obtaining a worthy second place prize as a prize. Suzuki's Slovak, Matevz Irt, proved once again that he is very fast when the track is in poor condition and, above all, when he does not make mistakes. Thus ended third, just ahead of Michael staufer that he could not repeat the victory of the first round and had to settle for the fourth final position.

Podium MX3 Italy

Joan Cros he was much better in the second round and he was fourteenth, Ramon Brucart twentieth and Txomin Arana, which this time he could finish, twenty-fifth.

The next appointment will be on June 3 in Croatia.

Classification first round GP Italia MX3 2012: * 1. Michael Staufer (AUT, KTM), 35: 05.128 * 2. Matthias Walkner (AUT, KTM), 35: 09.062 * 3. Gunter Schmidinger (AUT, Honda), 35: 17.272 * 4. Klemen Gercar (SLO, Honda), 35: 50.866 * 5. Matevz Irt (SLO, Suzuki), 35: 57.117

Classification second round GP Italia MX3 2012: * 1. Matthias Walkner (AUT, KTM), 35: 41.740 * 2. Günter Schmidinger (AUT, Honda), 35: 51.300 * 3. Matevz Irt (SLO, Suzuki), 35: 59.605 * 4. Michael Staufer (AUT, KTM), 36: 10.688 * 5. Martin Michek (CZE, KTM), 36: 15.221

Classification GP Italia MX3 2012: * 1. Matthias Walkner (AUT, KTM), 47 points * 2. Michael Staufer (AUT, KTM), 43 points. * 3. Günter Schmidinger (AUT, Honda), 42 pts. * 4. Matevz Irt (SLO, Suzuki), 36 pts. * 5. Martin Michek (CZE, KTM), 31 pts.

Provisional general classification MX3 2012: * 1. Matthias Walkner (AUT, KTM), 142 points * 2. Günter Schmidinger (AUT, Honda), 130 points. * 3. Antti Pyrhönen (FIN, Honda), 110 points. * 4. Martin Michek (CZE, KTM), 105 pts. * 5. Klemen Gercar (SLO, Honda), 99 pts.

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