Lightech belt tensioner for the Yamaha T-MAX 530
Lightech belt tensioner for the Yamaha T-MAX 530

For those who do not know it, Lightech is an Italian company based in the province of Treviso that is dedicated to the manufacture of motorcycle accessories such as carbon parts, counterweights, caps for fluid reservoirs, levers, stirrups, lights, ergal hardware … that is, a multitude of parts both to aesthetically improve our mount and to prepare it for the circuits.

Among its star products are: chain tensioners, an accessory both purely aesthetic in some models and oriented for competition in others. As a novelty, a belt tensioner specially designed for the best-selling scooter, the Yamaha T-MAX 530.

Lightech belt tensioner

The Lightech belt tensioner for the Yamaha T-MAX 530 has been manufactured in ergal by numerical control. It has a graduated measurement scale at the top that serves as a reference to correct the tension of the transmission belt. This operation is carried out in a simple way thanks to the rear adjustment screw.

The aesthetic improvement is beyond all doubt and if not, notice the difference between the photo that heads the article and the next one in which you can see the tensioner that is fitted as standard on the Yamaha T-MAX 530. You can also see that the regulation is different since in the original, the screw pushes the rear wheel axle while with the Lightech, it is pulled out by means of the axle screw.

Yamaha T-MAX 530

Belt tensioner Lightech is available in four colors: red, gold, silver and black. Each of them is engraved with the T-MAX logo. The price Recommended retail price is 179 euros plus VAT, which is equivalent to a total price of 211, 22 euros not including assembly.

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