Audi already has a bicycle; For when motorcycle?
Audi already has a bicycle; For when motorcycle?

Yesterday our sister publication Xataka surprised us with the news of this Audi e-bike. Also in the video that we bring you, just see the tattoo on the pilot's arm who drives it, you will know perfectly well that we are talking about the specialist Julien Dupont of whom we have already seen his videos shot all over the world in MotorpasiĆ³n Moto.

But as you can see in the video Next, the most striking thing is being able to manage from that touch control the horses and other pirouettes that its electric motor allows us to perform in combination with the stability control. Can you imagine all this carbon and technology in a Ducati, now that Audi owns the Italian brand.

This Audi e-bike prototype has a 530 Wh battery, it is recharges in just two and a half hours, and can be managed with a mobile phone wirelessly. In addition, the phone can help us to upload progress to the network or unblock it. With carbon fiber body, only weighs 1.6 kilograms and inside it has an on-board computer with a touch screen that gives us information on our exercise. The bicycle supports three modes of operation: with our effort, fully electric or with assisted pedaling.

The Audi e-bike is just a concept but from here to crear a Scooter or a motorcycle there is only one step. Do you like the idea?

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