Rizoma presents us with the Code, something like putting a rear-view smartphone
Rizoma presents us with the Code, something like putting a rear-view smartphone

Don't tell me no, because it was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the photo: "What does an iPhone do as a motorcycle rear-view mirror?" But it turns out that it is that the friends of Rhizome have wanted to give a twist to their always groundbreaking designs and bring us the new Code, a rear view mirror ideal for owners of a naked, Among those who as you know (and if you do not look at my profile photo) I include myself.

Thus, the Varese factory takes care of every single detail starting from very classic and simple lines in this Code, and by the way, its resemblance to a smartphone is something sought after. Thus, its rectangular shape with rounded edges give it a more than elegant appearance, and it is quite striking. We also find it in two varieties: black with silver edges that you can see in the photo above, or which is completely black and what you can see after the jump.

Rizoma Code black

But of course, not everything will be its appearance, counting on a novelty that increases our security: a bluish anti-glare mirror that makes glare impossible For the driver of the motorcycle in question, we already know more than one how uncomfortable it is and the substitutions that it hits us.

But of course, all this design and minimalism, with those suggestive shapes, they are not going to give it to us, of course. So if you want to make your girl pretty with a good pair of these good Code, keep in mind that each of them it costs 119 euros, That is not an excessive price in its field, but that it is a good tweak in these times. Although yes, it never hurts to give us a whim of this type for those of us who cannot change motorcycles at the moment. Unless it changes a little, hehe.

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