Who gives the titles to the campaigns in the DGT?
Who gives the titles to the campaigns in the DGT?

You will have already seen in the press or in the news that the DGT has launched, as every year when the good weather begins, a new "campaign for the protection of motorcyclists”. On this occasion, this special device begins on May 21 and will last until June 18. Now, you can go around the DGT page that nowhere will you find any reference. It is surprising how little updating is done in many of the sections of this website, but we are going with what concerns us.

During this period, and with a marked objective: to raise awareness about the importance of having the motorcycle in perfect condition (tires, brakes, lights, etc.) and the biker with full equipment (helmet, gloves, boots, etc.). Traffic will control in a special way speed, overtaking, helmet use, documentation, Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) and mandatory insurance. The Civil Guard will double the controls on the roads throughout Spain, except in the Basque Country and Catalonia. Gentlemen, here's something that doesn't suit me.

The video that you can see is from 2010, but year after year we see how the campaigns that usually call for protection or awareness for our biker collective happen. And also with very laudable goals, as is the case with this year's campaign, motorcycle in perfect condition, rider with full equipment, etc.

Notice that I even "drink" with what support your arguments in such great truisms such as the risk of dying in a traffic accident is 17 times greater on a motorcycle than in a car or that 95% of the fatalities in traffic accidents involving a motorcycle are motorcyclists themselves. I hope that at least this study has not cost much to the public coffers.

But every year, when I watch the news unfold on the news, I can't keep my blood from getting close to boiling point. Is yet to come, the first time For a member of the traffic group to stop me and tell me: "You are not ashamed to wear such old gloves, or you don't see that this case with this blow no longer protects you." This would be an effective protection or awareness campaign. In fact, of all the motorcyclists I know, and there are a few, I only remember one case in which in the middle of the campaign they "scolded" him for wearing a worn rear tire. This, if conscience and protects.

But please, do not make me commune with millstones and make me believe that no matter how many motorists who stop to ask for all the papers, it will benefit their safety. And do not tell us that the DGT has made the decision to carry out this campaign after the considerable increase in the number of motorcycles in recent years. But if all the years do some operation with a special focus on motorcyclistsWhy make up this excuse? I think that to fine those who do not wear a helmet, who pass continuously or who do not have their mandatory insurance up to date, it is not necessary to be in the field.

Give "tow" to all these reckless and if you really want to campaign raise awareness, but not with the same routine as always "Leave me the documentation." Now, I am yet to see one of these years campaign to remove killer guardrails from our roads. It will be that this does not benefit our protection and awareness.

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