Superbikes Italia 2012: Infront Motor Sports takes action and compensates the fans
Superbikes Italia 2012: Infront Motor Sports takes action and compensates the fans

The Italian round almost threw the Championship to the ground

Let's look back a bit, at the beginning of May when the round had to be played at the Circuit of Monza of the Superbike World Championship. The rain and problems with the water tires meant that the first race had to be suspended and later the second was canceled after only eight laps.

It was the worst date and the worst place for these problems to arise. First because 25 years of competition were celebrated and second, because it happened in Italy. And we already know that the Mediterranean are the most extreme for everything, to encourage and to piss us off when something does not go as we want. You can imagine that after the second race was suspended, everything but nice was heard in the stands and a few days later, Carlos told us the reactions in the paddock.

What did you say Alexander Pope, English poet of the 18th century: ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine, to rectify is of the Wise. ‘And this is precisely what Infront Motor Sport, the promoter of the World Superbike Championship, has done to rectify. In this way, he will compensate all the fans who could not enjoy this year's magnificent races at the Temple of Speed ​​in Monza.

Both Infront and Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in 2013 they will allow free access to the paddock on Sunday for all those fans who present a Sunday ticket or a three-day pass corresponding to the 2012 round. In this way, fans will be able to return next year and also access the races from within.

A good measure without a doubt. I still remember in 2004, the number of people who she was trapped for hours in the mudflats what the Jerez Circuit car parks became and in August some people did with their tractors taking people out …

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